Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-04) – Bcash down 62% – Coinbase to support in 2018

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Bitcoin Blockchain statistics –

‎2852.77 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Cash (BCC) statistics – Price, Blocks Count, Difficulty, Hashrate, Value

_yojoe_ on Twitter: "Have a look at the coin base text of bcash block #478617! @ToneVays @MadBitcoins @jimmysong "

Coinbase and GDAX make investors wait until 2018 to get bitcoin cash

Bitcoin cash slumps 62pc but Coinbase vows to support it

Bitcoin cash may be a house of cards that comes crashing down – Business Insider


22 thoughts on “Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-04) – Bcash down 62% – Coinbase to support in 2018

  1. Bittrex was trading from “day one”. Depositing was enabled yesterday. No? So how could some people be “half way in” with the transactions before Bittrex announced it…

  2. bitcoin never closes trading, its runs 24 hours a day. what is your web sites idea on the Clocing time and opening bell time? does everyone agree with that same time? always wondered!

  3. Stop your smearing campaign. It’s called Bitcoin Cash. If BCH is such a shitcoin why are you giving it so much exposure? Could it be perhaps that it threatens your position in BTC? You shouldn’t care if you hold both forks. One will ultimately prevail, and so will Bitcoin.

  4. question :what’s the difference between bitcoin cash and a hot potato? answer : nothing, both will burn you if you hold them for two long. this is not ment as health advice. . 🙂

  5. I will like to ask Tone a couple of questions:
    1.) Why aren’t you mentioning that the price decrease in BCH is due because the group of Bitcoin Core has done everything they can to bring it down.
    2.) Why do you think that BCH has no future, if it’s code is the “original one” used in the White Paper of Satoshi Nakamoto, while BTC is now using a none original code made by the group at Bitcoin Core (segwit).
    3.) Why would anyone of the 99% of the people that are not invested yet in crypto would buy a 10x more expensive token that’s not running the original code vs. BCH that cost 10x less and that is running the original code with bigger size blocks?

    I think you’re in for a surprise just like you “experts” were caught with your pants down when the HF was announced!

  6. I’d like more bitcoin talk, news, guides etc and less charts / BCASH.
    Tone may very well know charts but should be seperate videos on that topic (in my opinion). Just trying to give feedback!

  7. BCash will likely have value, but we are being distracted from an actual blockchain with business potential; ardor which could revolutionize business, the future is thousands of tokens/coins and the blockchain best suited for this is ardor. Pruning and blockchain bloat will be of ever greater value in the future.

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