Trump Supporters Winning Gold Medal In Mental Gymnastics Trying To Justify His Actions

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26 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Winning Gold Medal In Mental Gymnastics Trying To Justify His Actions

  1. you have it correct I am totally done with government I don’t want evil doers calling the shots, I am very upset with the level of lies. I love pastor Rick Wiles at trunews man he’s honest and thorough. I really like you too. F these fools. I voted for Trump dam it I got burned. lol

    1. terry arcona… I’m no Jew hater, BUT… literally everyone in Alex Jones’ life is and always has been Jewish since his marriage and his entire career… His wife… The first radio station owner… The owners of his syndication… The owners of the satellite radio he is on right now… everyone of them. So, it just stands to reason that he’s not… nor can he be against the Jews. And I don’t know how much to factor that in, but I guarantee it is a part… if not a big part of his game!

    2. vonsuthoff, I’m not against all jews either I know it’s primarily ones that are in the communist and zionist camps that are doing all of this but trust me it is a big part of the game, if you search around long enough on youtube you’ll find videos posted by other channels of Alex Jones purposely trying to cover up what guests are trying to say about the Jewish conspiracy or just out right hanging up on them before they say to much.

  2. Love the title.

    Aye all them Trump preachers on YouTube are lying between their teeth trying to convince themselves that Trumps actions are justify and that Trump has a super top secret plan!

    BYE BYE Bannon!

    Trump’s presidency is NOW a Democratic presidency!


  3. Low IQ mentally deficient Trump supporters get fooled by the likes of Alex Jones. Jeff is trying to teach logic to people who eat McDonalds for breakfast! Good luck, buddy.

  4. Hey Jeff do you know of any plans among your An-Cap circles to try and create an An-Cap society again like Galt’s gulch or are all movements dead in the water at this point?

  5. for a little while I was willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt … you never know, maybe he will actually change things, but then he gave that speech in congress … he’s just another fake and nothing will change …

  6. Trump is the living proof that it’s impossible for America to get the Political change needed by voting. Americans have the choice of voting for the Bloods or the Crips in a political sense, as you’re always going to be ruled by murderous thugs. Those who voted for Trump got their man, but they got Clintons Foreign Policy, endless wars in the Middle East, which will build to a war with Russia. He has backtracked on his election promises, done exactly what he said he would never do. I’m at the stage now where I just think that he is absolute scum. God only knows what he is going to do next, but you can be damn sure that’ll be the opposite of what he says he’s going to do.

  7. *Trump Playing the Old Tired Lie ”Attack Assad” Game PROVES that He is A ‘good ole Boy of the Filthy ”jew”*
    Ashkenazi khazar zio ”jew” satanists. Satan’s Dirty Step Children.

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