Trump & The Next Recession – Mike Maloney & David Morgan

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MORE: Mike Maloney and David Morgan discuss what to expect after Trump takes office and the honeymoon is over. You’ll learn that nothing the U.S. government does is a net positive for the economy. The government doesn’t produce anything… but misery! If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to check out the Hidden Secrets of Money website at . It’s a world-leading educational series by Mike Maloney, the bestselling author of the Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver. As Mike explains in the series and his book, we live in an economic system that is made complicated by design. Basically, it’s set up so most people don’t even try to understand it. In Mike’s videos, he breaks down these concepts using easy-to-follow analogies, real pages from history, and animations that tie it all together.
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Mike Maloney is also the founder of ( ), which was one of the first websites ever to sell bullion online. It is well known for outstanding customer service and its competitive prices. If you’re a fan of Mike’s YouTube channel and need help buying gold and silver, his team is standing by to answer all your questions and make it easy. You can find out more at .

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42 thoughts on “Trump & The Next Recession – Mike Maloney & David Morgan

  1. Mike, would love to hear your thoughts on real estate. I want to buy, but I
    can’t stand the thought of buying at the top, I’d much prefer to buy when
    it’s chaos. However, I also don’t want to be a sucker waiting for a
    collapse that never comes. Would love your honest take on it in a video
    sometime. Or anyone’s honest take. I’ve read countless articles with people
    saying opposing things, and yeah I know no one knows the future but I’d
    like to make as informed a decision as possible based on accurate data.

    1. Troll or keynsian? Hard to pick.. What a lame and obvious attempt to try
      discredit Maloney.. Is that all you got haha? Trying to hang him out for
      his”advice” into investing in silver at $50??

    1. The future will tell the truth. lol You keep on talking but you don’t bring
      any ideas that come from yourself. never mind Thomas and other…I’ve could
      said that myself easily. But I like to twist stuff to provoke.
      We’re facing a resource /energy problem for the population volume.

    2. +de-polarised sheeple
      And what if the USA is invaded without a military? How well would a militia
      of hunters and gun hobbyists face against an army of tanks and planes?

      Again, the founding fathers had some sense of the necessity of some
      government. Even just state ones.

    3. +coolacadien
      But they aren’t. Look at American Birth rates, they’re painfully low (below

      All the population growth has been proven to be from the ‘echo’ effect of
      longer life expectancy in developing nations.

  2. IT started before 2008 and will be ongoing for sometime. They have done
    nothing to remedy the situation. Derivatives still there, rotten indicators
    on the economy all over the place.Until there is a complete Blowout and
    that is the only way to fix the economy anything else is kicking the can
    down the road. There has to be financial losses and banks dropping in a
    much grander scale to fix the problem,especially the Banks holding the
    Derivatives. The world knows that USA was issuing fraudulent AAA paper and
    is using the hegemony to paper over it. Which means more countries will
    turn to the
    Brics in the coming years.
    Which may be exactly what USA needs to make it come to its senses.

  3. LOLOL I had to keep on listening to David saying “the recession is over,
    we’re gonna make America great again.” Oh that was sooo funny, because we
    normally see David always with the same tone of voice all the time.

  4. Thanks for sharing all this. I just have one question, in case of an
    economic apocalypse or a scenario where all Fiat currencies – including the
    USD – become worthless, how will precious metals be worth anything? This
    does not mean that i believe all fiat currencies are strong and will not
    collapse, just tying to understand how will gold be valued and will it be
    able to buy me any food if we return to a barter system?

    1. yup and also you might be able to barter food with your neighbor but not
      with any store. Stores will only sell you something if you have real wealth
      like gold and silver. We have to stop thinking that those piece of paper
      “dollars” as any value.

    1. It’s pretty much the US business model for over 70 years now. And if you
      can’t invade an innocent country at the moment based on false pretense and
      kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people for profit of the MIC because
      the “evil” Russians are too strong again, then simply imagine some aliens
      from Mars would attack you and you have to defend, so start spending for
      more MIC (aka the Paul Krugman economic theory, yes, the Krugman nutter
      said that live on TV).

  5. “Government is the problem but it isn’t the solution.” <----- Ronald Reagan was a sociopathic criminal (like nearly all American Presidents) but those were some very true words (I assume a speechwriter wrote them).

    1. Government is a tool. Whether it’s helpful or harmful depends on who is
      weilding that tool. The same goes for a FIAT monetary system. It’s all
      about who is placed in charge.

      If we elect and appoint greedy self-serving sociopaths, these tools will be
      used by them accordingly.

    2. I’m aware that, under the current system, government is used as a tool of
      imposing top down control.

      The Latin root, gubernare mentis, literally means ‘mind control’. I’m a
      strong advocate for individual freedom and self-governance.

      The current uneducated, uninformed, and irresponsible nature of much of the
      population necessitates a governing body. I realize this state has been
      brought about by the current system of government by design, and that goes
      back to having sociopathic leadership.

      In an ideal world, there would be no need for government, at least beyond
      the local level. However, we have much work to do before we’re ready for
      that transition.

    1. GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) millennials will be tested! I sure hope they
      are ready for it. I am blessed enough to have spent a lot of time with WWII
      vets and people from the greatest generation, sadly they are leaving us at
      time we could learn most from them.

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