US Stock Markets & Cryptos Crashing… Is This The Big One? Jeff Berwick on FSN

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Kerry Lutz for the Financial Survival Network podcast. Topics include: the North American Bitcoin Conference, the crypto-bubble pops, a much needed cool off period, all bubbles caused by central bank money printing, problems with Bitcoin, Bitcoins rivals, privacy coins, the crash is just a side note to main events, crypto as asset protection, making stock markets obsolete, the technology is here to stay, parallels with the dotcom bubble, big buying opportunity, one world currency, Freemasons, numerology, the upcoming TDV Summit.

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60 thoughts on “US Stock Markets & Cryptos Crashing… Is This The Big One? Jeff Berwick on FSN

    1. I told my roomate this exact thing in nov 16′. “Tump will be elected, and he will be setup to take the fall of central banking policy.” The public need only a target by which to set their blame, this ensures the root of the problem (central banking/money printing/fractional reserve lending) will go undetected.

      Because the average person fails to recognize this, we will continue to be slaves. Cryptos have brought upon a mania with the public that has had a side-effect of education as to what money is. This education occurring among young people is important to note in order to more accurately predict the future.

    2. A crash would be amazing, if Trump is a part of that then so be it. All I care about is a return to sound money and free-ish-er markets. We’ve needed a massive correction years ago, the longer this monetary policy continues the more painful this crash will be.

  1. There are huge buy orders placed on the exchanges at bottom prices for a while now before this drop. We’ll fall to the bottom then institutional money will come in and buy it all up at those bottom prices that have already been placed. I’m going for the ride.

  2. Claiming that no government can take it away is BS Jeff is waaaay underestimating what “governments” can and will do I’m amazed at this self induced naivety!!

    1. Raoul Duke .. one thing we do know for sure because I doubt your conviction a bit I’ve heard this same story before, is that time will tell and what boarder exactly are you planning on crossing.

    2. Raoul Duke … what in the world makes you actually believe that the gov can not access your account information? Don’t know what cool-aid you’re drinking but you need to check it for additives.

    3. Sure government can get into all my online accounts, but there isn’t a “bitcoin account”. You dont sign up for Bitcoin on a website. Bitcoin addresses use cryptographic key pairs. You can generate a bitcoin address and corresponding private key on an Offline computer, create a backup with pen and paper or memory (a secrure word list that can be used to regenerate all your keys later), send bitcoin to that address then wipe the hard drive. That’s what is known as cold storage, the private keys you need to spend your Bitcoin don’t exisit on digital media so theres nothing to hack or take control of.

    4. Raoul …. sorry hit enter  accidentally anyway I get what you’re saying but gotta tell ya I program in 3 languages and have been IT for 26 years now and I know what can and can not be done and with the gov having the resources and top notch programmers available 24/7 365 be wary you’ll learn more over time just what our own gov can and can not do this I’m sure of.

  3. Cryptos are not going away. The elites are going to try to destroy Trump as he tries to spend big money, more debt, on the wall and infrastructure. Trump wants to put too many of them behind bars. This will be a year of huge changes.

    1. I am very leery of him, he’s chosen to be surrounded by many Zionists. It’s hard for me to believe that whoever occupies the Oval Office was put there by Joe American. But he is doing a lot of good, no denying that. I will be watching with great interest to see if he’s genuine or just another tool of the Luciferians. If he puts Hillary in prison and exposes the elite I’ll trust him. Time will tell.

    1. merely a deep state lash back to the public due to trump hypocritically going after corruption in politics.. 13 big banks had a hand in triggering the cause of the dip with their news push lol

  4. Exactly. The collapses are planned. Quit trying to predict them. They have Monopoly money they can do whatever the hell they want with. They make the rules and change the rules so trying to time the market cycles by whatever rules you think we are playing by is foolish.

    They will crash the market when they are “God Damn good and ready” to quote Maverick.

    1. the only bubble is if you sold your btc because it was falling in usd….it will rise again…like a mofo…it was a ton of new money that drove it to moon….its cant sustain a run like that nor can any stock…they come down…any chart….1 penny to btc doesn’t matter…supply and demand….now we wait. Next run be ready cause its just catching fire….profits will be insane.Buy all way down and profit huge…pray it goes low…buy the hell out of it and acquire more. Warren buffet buys when people are scared….then when it comes back…hes king!

  5. Hey Jeff, a BIT is different from a BYTE. The bitcoin block size is 1 MEGABYTE or 8,000,000 bits. You sound uneducated to us people who actually have faith in crypto.

    1. Not just one time, but a gazillion times! It is a bubble, but saying it so many times when the market needs strong crypto influencers to keep the fate, is not really helping, Jesus…

  6. Jeff is da man! He is the reason why I joined Steemit 😀 Start stacking STEEM while you still can for cheap. It is 200X faster than BTC and has no transaction fees.

  7. Jeff Berwick got the Roger Ver bubble. BTC is going for layer 2 technologies (Lightning with Segwit specifically) to address scaling issues. BCH plans to just increase block size over time which time will tell if that is sustainable. Either way, people have a choice which chain will work best for them. To say BTC isn’t doing anything about scaling issues and want to keep prices high and transactions slow is a falsehood.

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