Ushering In a Totalitarian Police State in Cashless “Smart Cities”

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43 thoughts on “Ushering In a Totalitarian Police State in Cashless “Smart Cities”

  1. +The Dollar Vigilante It says in the Holy Bible “For the love of money is
    the root of all evil” forget about Bitcoin and any other type of money;
    instead seek God, and all things will come after. All you guys worried
    about stocking up for the future, eventhough God said tomorrow isn’t
    promised for any man. Jesus is our refuge. Go to him and accept him as your
    personal Savior.

    1. People keep saying I’m discouraging others when all I’m doing is informing.
      Anyone who keeps claiming I’m trying to change someone’s mind or discourage
      someone, please show me where in the comments I have blatantly said those
      things are what I’m trying to accomplish. All I have done was give God’s
      word, and if anyone of you by chance feel offended your problem is not with
      me, but it is with Our Heavenly Father.

    2. well if there is a God plz could u help my guest and donate what u can it
      would be much appreciated btc address
      i won’t hold my breath but I got faith ✌

    3. +Brocky Ian I have no clue what you’re talking about, but I have a donation
      for you. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, repent of your sins,
      and go forth and strengthen your walk with God be reading His Word and
      speaking to Him through Prayer. God bless

  2. It’s more convenient right? Who wants to carry around useless paper
    receipts called ‘money’? =)
    It will all be over soon….go back to sleep…
    *Sweet dreams are made of this*
    *Who am I to disagree?*
    *I travel the world*
    *And the seven seas*
    *Everybody’s looking for something.*

    1. Sucks he’s ripping you man, sorry about that. I think they have some good
      advice (TDV) but this Berwick scam tatters the entire TDV operation…I
      would think that after all of his “work” that he could afford to pay you

    2. I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt but he won’t respond to any
      of my contact attempts. And as you said, he’s clearly making money. I would
      even accept a payment plan but he clearly doesn’t want to return a penny.
      The worst part of the scam is that he preys on libertarians/anarchists and
      associates with people on the up and up to give him credibility. Please
      share the link to the thread with other libertarians you know. Berwick has
      to be stopped.

    3. While his videos may be entertaining, he’s doing a big disservice to the
      libertarian movement as a whole. Fraudsters have to be rooted out and
      ostracized. I have a feeling one of the primary reasons he lives in Mexico
      is because it’s difficult to sue him from his hideout. Check his free email
      newsletter and you won’t even find a real address at the bottom. It’s
      something like 123 Main St.

  3. i dont understand why you push a digital cryptocurrency yet warn of
    cashless society….digital currency is the currency of the new world order
    governance that you and others are always “warning” against or more
    accurately, helping to condition those who watch to accept this new
    transition….pretty fucked up if you ask me.

  4. This cashless push will cause an instant black market. People who choose to
    stay out of the thieving, criminal banking community, will use coins,
    gold,silver and bitcoin style currencies. And of course….that is what I
    will do. How about you?

    1. But if its a cashless society, how would coins have value? Sliver and gold
      have value, but arent coins made out of cheap metals, with the same made up
      value as paper currency?

    2. I think he means gold or silver coins – not base metal coins

      We could go back to the old barter system – or do what wealthy people did
      it times past when traveling to foreign lands – they took a heavy gold
      necklace with them – and took off a link or two to use as currency as and
      when needed

  5. Am I the only one who sees that the transition into a cashless society can
    even more easily slip into other, digital currencies?

    Why does their globalist plan seem so shortsighted?

    1. can’t they track when you buy in and out of those digital currencies? which
      they perhaps have even made illegal, you definitely can’t go to your
      average grocery store and use bitcoin. and most people that youŕe dealing
      with in todays market are drones that would never use cryptocurrencies,
      they will do everything the government propagates for them, so you can’t
      deal in bitcoin with them, they will buy any excuse the government gives
      them for what they’re doing.

    2. I think Bitcoin is only being tolerated for now because it is still
      relatively small and not a threat plus it gets people used to the idea of
      cryptocurrency. Once the big central banks go cashless they will legislate
      all the opposition into submission.

    3. With cryptocurrency, who would they go after? Seeing as cryptos are
      decentralized, spread out worldwide outside of any particular jurisdiction.
      With Bitcoin, the genie is already out of the lamp – it’s already gain
      enough traction. Governments might be able to stop locally run exchanges
      doing business, but nobody can stop people using it to transact person to
      person, in the same way that (at the moment anyway) nobody can stop someone
      transacting with physical cash.

    4. +Spiritus exactly! Once everyone is paying digitally with plastic and

      The fist world will tighten as blockchain technology spikes. It will be a
      matter of downloading an app through a friend (illegal) so you can pay via
      Bitcoin or whatever.

      I really do wonder how they’ll prevent it. Not sure they can.

  6. You people dont get it do you.. The plan is: After ww3 they plan to use
    100% digital currency with Israel being the new super power – taking the
    role of the USA… For Israel to rule the world the population needs to
    become smaller or Israel needs to become allot more bigger and powerful (we
    all know the latter wont happen)

    Wait & see folks (btw bitcoins was just a trial run)

    The answer to all the problems of today and tomorrow is world war

    1. Aaron96235 They reorganized the world to their liking using WW2 in a
      similar manner but now they know they can use computers to control
      everyone. You are of course, correct. Better store food, water, and ammo
      now folks. Once WW3 starts it will be too late. There will be huge food

  7. Its getting crazier in India by the hour…they have now rolled out finger
    print readers and face scanners for the population and masses of poor to
    receive government benefits and subsidies. And the rural poor are
    especially suffering as they have no transportation and access to get to
    areas to even have their body scanned. They are definite Guinea
    pigs…after they test these tools in developing countries they will move
    with their plan to roll these tools out to developed countries.

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