Waking Up To The Reality Of Money, Central Banking & Government – The SuperHuman Podcast

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Jeff is interviewed by Jonathan Levi for Becoming Superhuman podcast, topics include: the illegitimacy of government, spreading freedom, the problem with central banking, fiat currency and the massive debt ponzi scheme, dollars vs bitcoin, a volatile investment, hyperinflation and great depressions, bank bail-ins, regulation is the opposite of prosperity, socialized 'medicine'. free market charity and real community, the trauma of public school vs unschooling, the non-aggression principle, self improvement and positive lifestyle, peace, love and anarchy!

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54 thoughts on “Waking Up To The Reality Of Money, Central Banking & Government – The SuperHuman Podcast

    1. Yeah EOS and IOTA are other options. If you’re referencing hashgraph due to Mike Maloney’s plug then just know it’s just another crypto out of many. We don’t know who will win in the long run.

    2. Hashgraph is not a “crypto”, it is a distributed ledger technology (DLT), like the blockchain. Cryptocurrencies can be built on top of Hashgraph technology. I can’t tell you more because Hashgraph is relatively new, and I’m not a youtube comments crypto currency expert, unlike +Electricos Cosmos.

      My best advice would be to do your homework and ride the wave. Don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose. Don’t mortgage your home (you retards). Don’t cash out your 401K for crypto. Actually, it might be smarter to cash your 401K into gold/silver since it has done nothing but gain massive value since 1971. But I’m not an expert, so don’t listen to me. Do your own research and stop listening to retards in youtube comments, like me or +Electricos Cosmos.

    1. You can’t be an Israeli and be against the existance of Government.
      The current state of their establishment was achieved by UK & US Gov.
      Striving toward a Gov as small & efficient as possible is the only option.
      He said folks think religion isn’t priority. Less Faith = Less Charity = More Tax.

    2. It is clear that the WAY you worship God can ANNIHILATE outcomes…
      At a certain time (same climate) Irish folks starved while British thrived !
      Catholics worship idols & leaders, Protestants revere books & principles.
      The first ones relied on ‘hope’, the others invested ‘faith’ into manual crafts.

      They didn’t wait to see the fruits of their efforts, they believed before the proof.
      They took the Rules of God LITERALLY : ‘The Lord only accepts the Good Works’.
      When they weren’t seeing theirselves working, they felt they were losing their time.
      Problem. When all work is done, there’s plenty of time for the Devil to make you sin.
      So they would perfect skills ALL DAY LONG. Fast forward you get the British Empire.

      Notice how it’s NOT called the Irish Empire ! Great culture, but economics is ‘mild-ew’.

  1. I put in almost exactly 10% of my funds into crypto in April 2016. Now my portfolio is completely out of whack – my crypto is 5x of my old 401k that took me 20 years to build. I have quit my job to do crypto full time.

    1. You Will Make sure you never sell all of your position on any coin. Most common mistake beginners make including all my friends. lol, gotta have a lot of spare cash to get rich quick, easier to wait a few months.

    1. Ummm? 1 the coin was given out 1:1 to everyone holding BTC. Anyone can buy a miner to mine it. But lightening network for BTC is owned by the banks… so if you wanna talk complain about centralized then there ya go…

    2. Wow so many bitcoin / programming / infra experts. Where can I find insider info on the infra of bitcoin? How to become bitcoin programmer expert in short time? I want to be youtube comment bitcoin expert, too.

  2. How about this super learner israeli starts learning and moves out of his child murdering oppressive illegal occupation state? Free healthcare benefits? Does he realise those benefits come at the cost of occupied people losing their homes and have next to no drinking water or electricity these days? This is like israel hosting childrens footbal world cup while blowing off arms and legs of palestinian children a stonethrow away. The hypocracy is overwhelming. How about you consider boycott of israelis Jeff? You run out of non-occupation people to talk to?

  3. I got awakened to the corruption of the central Banks by watching, listening and reading articles of great minds by Edward Griffin, Dollar Vigilante Icon (Jeff Berwick), Bix Weir of RoadToRoata, Cliff High…
    This made me start my awakening lectures back in Nigeria, at Abuja
    DATE: 11th Dec. 2017
    VENUE: Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.

    Thanks to Jeff Berwick and the other Liberterians, Bix Weir of RoadToRoata, Cliff High…
    This is the link to the video session, it was taken with a phone. I hope to setup a studio, get some proper gadgets and get others awakakened as well.

    The link to my first public lecture on Crypto.

    You can support me here
    1. Btc Address

    2. Ethereum Address

    3. Bitcoin Cash Address

    Thank you guys and death to the central banking currupt system.

    1. M. L. Yes…it was driving me KrAzY! However, he seems sincere. I think he is smart enough to break the conditioning. He’ll be an anarcho-capitalist in no time.

  4. People are taking out 401k and pensions and putting it in to crypto currency… that alone will cripple the banking system and federal reserve …… more people should do this —- wake up folks

  5. Central banks are the reason the world is enslaved through debt . Every country with a central bank is a slave to that bank and its citizens are wage slaves of the goverment that owes interest to that bank.

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