WannaCry Ransomware Virus Is a Globalist False Flag Attack On Bitcoin

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34 thoughts on “WannaCry Ransomware Virus Is a Globalist False Flag Attack On Bitcoin

    1. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
      To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

      ― R. Buckminster Fuller

    2. +open source you can try but they will not allow it – they are willing to do whatever it takes ( anything ) – you have to be willing to do the same

    1. Fo real! haha! The thing that cemented it for me was the news of them holding a Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean ransom. Just so blatant really. Glad there’s people like Jeff out there so I don’t think I’m going crazy! lol

  1. of course your right about this – but what did you expect – this will only get worse because bitcoin threatens the clubs game – central banks are how the club makes its money – you think the club is just gonna give it up to bitcoin ? this is just the beginning – they never give up

  2. Jeff I’ve been saying this all along. it’s not an “accident” it was covered specifically by the media so they want you to be afraid of owning btc.

  3. Is block chain the civil war against the central bank? I think so and cudos to all of the revolutionaries out there in crypto cyberspace!

  4. The start of this podcast was spot on, the remainder is a thumbs down. Cryptocurrencies, *ALL* of them, are a path straight to Hell – a road to the death chamber lined with pretty flowers. Sadly and tragically this is a truth that most won’t ever see or realize until it’s too late. Nonetheless, I’m becoming convinced that cryptocurrencies are one of those horrible things that, like heroin and crystal meth, are meant to become a reality.

    1. The current debt based fractional reserve slavery our money is right now…. how can anything be worse though? We are already in hell buddy, crypto has opened new exits.

    2. withoutexcuse2011 …no..imagine the fractional, reserve bank system…using a cashless currency, where THEY control everything including your ability to buy and sell ANYTHING…that is where crypto currencies will ultimately lead. They will simply adopt one and all the sheep will line up to have it.

    3. Cam raiD — “… crypto has opened new exits”, you say. Yeah, “new exits” but exits to WHERE? I will maintain until my dying breath that cryptos represent jumping from the frying pan (the hell we are in right now) into a raging volcano (the *HELL* to come under cryptos).

    4. Bobby Cash — I think we’re saying the same thing. See my post to *Cam raiD* for more. Those “sheep” you talk about are actually helping the criminals establish a cashless system by jumping on the crypto bandwagon.

  5. I believe they have a different plan up their sleeves. I believe after the crash of bitcoin in 2014 THEY started to buy up bitcoin with their fake money. Who knows how many bitcoins they have. It might be the majority. In that case they can manipulate the price as they see fit. Exactly the same way they manipulate the price of Gold and Silver. Then they will crash it . But to make sure it will go to 0 they will have to wait till it is really high and then dump it. Remember all they have to do is scare people enough.

  6. your take is a good one but it is actually just a test run, to plant the seed of the possibility of a larger cyber attack in the minds of everyone. The Illuminati have used fear and crisis to gain much of the wealth they possess. Now, this false flag will set the stage for the largest, most deadly of all their exploits. FEMA issued a very subtle alert on Wednesday, via local news outlets for all Americans to have at least a 72 hour food and water supply in the case of a cyber attack that might disrupt the power grid and water supplies. This is the biggest tell of them all. The stage is set for their biggest plan to finally be realized. Depopulation on a worldwide scale is at hand. One man revealed this plan and it has been followed almost to a T. Unfortunately, the man committed suicide this time last year, but thanks to his foresight to tell what he had discovered, we can prepare. The lights will go out. That is a certainty. Will you be prepared?

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