WCN Town Hall Meeting Announcements

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Event wil start after the town hall meeting when we make exciting announcements about the future of WCN!


23 thoughts on “WCN Town Hall Meeting Announcements

  1. I think you should have a short comedy show where the contributors read their hate tweets and mean comments. It was done by money GPS and it was truly LOL stuff. Video talking head promo videos and have out takes in the show.

  2. I don’t want no stinking network. I want a benevolent, self-supporting, far-sighted philosophical Bitcoin dictator. Of course no one will be required to follow his/her/its dictates – if they dare! – at their own risk! (It is, after all, still Mad Bitcoins?) No talk, just governance! ( – and of course a good t-shirt to prove fealty.)

  3. Great meeting guys, yah we were talking off air for a good 2 hours before going live. Sorry I couldn’t make the on air stuff. Great to hear all the announcements. Let’s continue to make WCN the best place to find honest information!

  4. Guys,
    I can do 3D animation. Model building (name it I can build it)
    My avatar is one of my characters, a satyr with lips based on Alan Greenspan’s mouth, I found the aging interesting.
    If you can think of any customized graphics you’ll need just ask.

  5. I would like to see a show that would talk about bitcoin & crypto development in china, kore and japan. But mainly china, maybe someone could comb chinese forums to see their views and developments. That could also turn into show that would be targeting the chinese audience in china, hk, taiwan etc.

  6. You guys haven’t proven you can produce a single good show yet, and you’re expanding exponentially? I recommend you learn how to edit, and release segments of the long show, after the fact, for the quick consumption crowd. That’s an easy way to focus the message without branching and diluting the message. Good luck with all this branching out, but I don’t see anyone there with a strong enough voice to create a focused brand message or direction. Lastly, please don’t turn this into PBS fundraising. Nobody likes begging.

  7. Hi folks, interesting channel. I recommend tweaking the search settings for your channel. .
    I did a search for “cryptocurrency news” and did not get any hits, but when I put in “cryptocurrency news today” thats when your channel popped up.

  8. You guys are the bees knees when it comes to indepth opinions about the state of bitcoin. You’re viewers are educated long time bitcoiners. Don’t dumb down the channel. Keep the adds dammit. Who cares about ads. Stay with the intellectual content please. I make time to watch your long shows. Its invaluable. Theres so many bitcoin for noobs videos out there. Dont dumb down the channel.

  9. Honestly, and I mean this from a place of love, nobody listens to this channel for information, it’s for the entertainment of drama and lols. If you want to go in a direction where you’re reputed for quality, you need some kind of ombudsman and/or fact-checking broadcast standards, because every single show on this network has pundits with serious serious problems with basic facts. I’m just an amateur Bitcoin enthusiast and listening to the shows I find myself better informed on just the basic facts than any of your commentators, and supposedly you people are supposed to be deep into the Bitcoin space. This is not to brag, just to impress upon you that you need to face the reality here of making a decision…. are you trash infotainment, which is what you’re doing now, or are you willing to put the work into being what you purport to want to be?

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