What You ACTUALLY Need To Know About The Paradise Papers Leak – Jeff Berwick on Press For Truth

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Jeff is interviewed by Dan Dicks for Press For Truth, topics include: the 'paradise papers' leak, elite control of the media and propaganda, moves toward a global tax system, drumming up more hate of the rich and enemies of the globalists, government the biggest threat to life and liberty, taxation is extortion, the government is a mafia, coming collapse and self preservation, Keith Neumeyer and the Mineral Bank, junior mining stock, cryptocurrencies, Anarchapulco 2018, Cryptopulco and The Dollar Vigilante Internationalization and Investment Summit.

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37 thoughts on “What You ACTUALLY Need To Know About The Paradise Papers Leak – Jeff Berwick on Press For Truth

    1. Blockchain technology can replace government itself by bringing about, through open source collaboration, a true and real version of democracy.

      Real proportional representation on all of the topics that matter. Where all people (who choose to) can take part in all decision making processes of significance. We have the technology: google/Facebook algorithms could easily connect the whole world or local communities, allowing them to guide an influence the movement of all actions. In this way justice will prevail, war will end, money will become obsolete, massive financial disparity will cease to exist, extreme generational wealth and the subsequent ruling ‘elite’ will become history (and laughable history at that).

      Can you imagine if all the
      Citizens of two hypothetical states were asked if they wanted a war – for any reason – them actually choosing to start killing each other?

      I certainly can’t – and not for any reason, be it: religion, Geo strategic gain, financial gain, political influence, oil…. NOTHING. The people don’t want war, poverty, hatred, politics. And when we create the real governmental mechanism ‘for the people by the people’, the evolution that
      must be inevitable lest we keep racing toward our own extinction, then we will see the end to all such concerns

  1. Do people really still watch TV? Gross.
    And Jeff, really? Do you have to be so harsh? Governments are essentially the same thing as the Maffia? I’m sorry but the Maffia is far more respectable than government. You shouldn’t insult the Maffia like that.

  2. It’s got nothing to do with class warfare and everything to do with exposing the system, so every one can see for the themselves how the system is designed to benefit some at the expense of all. to expose the banks and how everything is connected. i’m a little baffled how you can not see the significance of that, and for the first time i am forced to either question your authenticity and, or your intelligence. which is it?

  3. The government doesn’t control the banks, the banks control the government. International Jewish Banking Cartels want total and absolute world domination, which is why we see their media empires calling Russia the bad guy and there are so many Americans that fall for the lie, the jews might just get their war, WWIII.

  4. What’s scary about the Paradise Papers is that it was an ILLEGAL act to begin with! No one is pointing this out. Private citizens affairs were illegally stolen and reported.

    Also, the papers only revealed that people were engaged in completely legal activities in other countries. That’s it!

    Storing your money offshore = not a crime
    Owning property overseas = not a crime
    Living overseas for part of the year to avoid taxation = not a crime
    Owning pieces of businesses offshore = not a crime
    Moving assets overseas to avoid egregious taxation = not a crime

    Illegally stealing people’s private info = CRIME

    1. Scary, isn’t it?

      A continent that spent 800 years from the magna carta to now fighting for freedom from Royalty, Barons, and the like; has now gone full circle back to wanting to be caged on the Kings’ lands.

    1. My thoughts exactly.. I’m not even sure what to do with Gold if I had a bunch… It’s useless around here. lol. Bitcoin however,,, Now THAT, I can use. Not saying gold is a bad investment because it’s a good one to have, BUT, that’s only when it’s physically in your hands and you have someone who wants it.
      A central entity like a bank telling me I own something is simply not good enough.
      However, a million computers telling me I own something (a.k.a. Blockchain) is a little more reassuring.

    2. I am not dumping my gold and silver but just adding Bitcoin to my portfolio….If one boat sinks, the other will float is my strategy….I perfectly understand where all this is going even if I don’t like it…

  5. Real Nationalism is IN GOD WE TRUST! And God isn’t a murderer number one and number two he taxes not the people. Income tax was for the war effort to protect our liberty and knowing our rights back then it was an offering not a mandate but since they tasted the money coming in from income tax assholes kept it going thus stealing from the people, LOOK IT UP OR LOOSE YOUR RIGHTS!

  6. No one is better than anyone else people unless your Israel? If they kept Gods Law the 10 Commandments then they wouldn’t have been dispersed throughout the world , look it up in the old testament PEOPLE which most read not but listen to the rabbis and pastors of the known synagogues and churches!!!

  7. The poor and middle class SHOULD be angry that the rich pay less taxes using tax havens!!! I see Jeff is now self identified with the rich. The bias is clear and ridiculous.

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