Why Honest Money Means Higher Living Standards For All – Mike Maloney & David Morgan

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38 thoughts on “Why Honest Money Means Higher Living Standards For All – Mike Maloney & David Morgan

    1. The modern financial system has been crafted to allow the systematic,
      automatic and unavoidable transfer of wealth from productive members of
      society to unproductive ones. The manipulable nature of dishonest (fiat)
      money is central to that system. Honest money is thus totally incompatible
      with the modern financial system. Any campaign for honest money is
      therefore doomed to fail because those that benefit from dishonest money
      make the laws and would not permit it to occur because it would then mean
      they would have to work for a living.

      If you want true change you need to target the cancer at its source: modern
      finance. As long as reserve banks, fractional reserve banking, high
      frequency trading, and derivatives exist (to name just a few) honest money
      *can’t* exist.

      If a barrel of apples is rotten, opening the lid and throwing in a bunch of
      good apples won’t accomplish anything. You need to build a new, empty
      barrel and fill *that* with good apples. Then you roll the barrel full of
      rotten apples into the fire or bury it in a deep, deep hole.

  1. Mike what are you thoughts on the alleged coming India Gold restrictions?

    As far as I can see the middle class of India is said to be between 23.6
    million to 267 million according to NCAER (2016)

    One has to wonder how many of those rich people in India can afford 250g of
    gold. (the alleged restriction limits coming per single person or 500g for
    a married woman)

    So if 1% of 23 million middle class citizens of India manage to keep the
    maximum allotted 250g of gold then that would be 250,000 out of 1 billion
    people holding collectively about 57,000 KG of gold.

    However, Allegedly India only holds in private hands some 20,000 tonnes of
    gold, plus 600 tonnes in their central bank.

    So I’m wondering what’s the motive behind the governments attempt to curb
    the gold accumulation, especially when you consider that the middle class
    is expected to grow to over 500 million by 2025.

    Also, I wonder how accurate the official figures are. Or is this a gold
    census appearing on the horizon? If they start confiscating excess gold
    from the people, what would happen to the price of gold if, say, India
    announced it had a surplus of 20,000 KG’s of gold?

  2. I have a question about the National Debt Clock. It shows the Dollar to
    Gold and Dollar to Silver ratios. Would this be the true value of gold and
    Your videos are wonderful and I have learned much from you. Thank you :)

    1. Hover you arrow/curser over any box and the caption box at the top center
      explains that category. For Gold and Silver, it compares the M2 money
      creation (box is on the left about half way down) to what is physically
      mined, based on YOY, according to FED policy. $1000 Sliver we all wish!

    2. It basically shows how many US dollars there are in relation to 1 oz of
      silver or gold. There used to be let’s say $2.25 for every oz now there is
      $1000 for each oz… which in reality if anyone was taught money in schools
      would drive up the value of PMs similar to what you see in the housing
      sector because the dollars are losing value, gold and silver hold value, it
      doesn’t necessarily go up or down… only the fiat does.

    1. PMs should be thought of as life insurance on the dollar. You only realize
      their worth when the dollar dies. Selling now is like cancelling your life
      insurance policy at age 80. No one knows exactly when the dollar will die,
      but it *will* die.

    2. Believe in yourself and stack. You investing too much or put too much
      expectations into your investments. I have 90 oz of silver and gonna buy 25
      more and maybe 50 next year. Its more like for later in life than to get
      rich quick. Its insurance and protection of your earned money. Believe in
      what you do and you will be rewarded. BELIEVE!

  3. There used to be cheap land. The government wanted to get land settled and
    farmed and it was cheap and people built their own barns and houses with
    help from neighbors and such. Now land is hugely expensive. Buying a house
    requires that you mortgage your life away and work like a slave for the
    rest of your life if you can even find enough good jobs to stay employed
    well enough to hang on to your house. This is a big reason, together with
    lack of strong family values is why the system is falling apart. Property
    taxes are nuts because government has become ridiculously huge and
    expensive. Everything is regulated through the roof and fees are exorbitant
    to pay for the people who enforce the regulations. Perhaps Brilliant Light
    Power’s cheap energy production combined with 3D printed houses with vacuum
    chamber walls & top ceilings could solve a lot of this but you’ve got to
    get residential property prices & tax costs way, way down. You’ve got
    foreigners who don’t live her buying Real Estate and banks holding onto it
    to inflate housing bubbles and real estate being used as a wealth parking
    device instead of gold & silver. All of this works to break families and
    ruin people. You don’t actually have an economy with ruined people. You can
    replace people with robots, but robots don’t buy stuff. They don’t want
    stuff. They don’t want “little pink houses for you and me” or husbands or
    wives or children. So we’ve got business operators looking at their bottom
    lines and the expense of labor and asking how they can replace human
    workers with robots and 94 million people sidelined from the workforce who
    can’t afford to buy much of anything and what they can buy, they buy with
    borrowed fake money. It’s a multi-page document just to list the main
    reasons why Western Economy is collapsing but certainly being ripped off by
    fake money (repetitively devalued currency) and fractionalized paper (fake)
    gold & silver doesn’t help.

    1. In order for all this robotization and automation to work, you basically
      have to calculate how many man-hours of human labor are being replaced and
      then take the monetary value of the labor and distribute it amongst the
      citizenry, but that’s not going to happen because that looks a lot like
      communism. First of all, I think we’d all agree that replacing human labor
      with robots is AWESOME so long as it means saving people from the drudgery
      of manual labor and things they don’t enjoy doing, but at the same time,
      you can’t just relegate people to uselessness and living in tents and
      Walmart parking lots. If business is deprived of the savings associated
      with replace human workers with robots then they are de-incentivised to do
      so. How do you retain the incentives to automate and robotize while still
      channeling work value to jobless citizens? Currently business wants to take
      the enhanced profit and park it somewhere safe or use it to build bunkers
      in Chile where they can ride out the end of the world which they know is
      coming because they put everybody out of work. Capitalism isn’t going to
      solve this problem. Everything needs to be re-structured and reconfigured.
      Trump / Reagan capitalism isn’t going to remove the greed and corruption
      that’s tearing everything down. It’s not going to motivate manufacturing to
      replace robots with humans or replace high tech computer controlled
      production machinery with a bunch of humans using hand tools, so how do you
      put people out of work and allow them to retain purchasing power? In a way,
      the problem is self-solving because automated production usually results in
      dropping prices but cheap prices but people are out of work and housing &
      food costs just keep going up and up. Who has an answer? I don’t see people
      presenting answers. All I see is “take the money and run”, “Let’s get while
      the gettin’ is good and then bolt for the bunker in Chile when the collapse

    2. Totally messed up system. Amazing. I don’t need to wonder why we weren’t
      made like robots. HE really wants to be a hands on Creator. The majority of
      the human race tells HIM no, since Eden.

    3. The BLM will steal your land for the government. Look what they did to the
      Bundy’s & Hammonds. Go to the youtube and look it up or to
      Republicbroadcasting network

  4. I believe that we will do as Germany, Expunge all personal debt, re issue
    Green Backs & National Bank Currency, The Fed will use it’s Gold Holdings
    and go bankrupt, The US will back our New/Old Dollar with 8000 Tonnes of

    1. I’ve noticed this tendency among certain people to claim that the
      government will completely negate everything a prudent person could ever
      do. Buying gold or silver to protect your wealth? They’ll confiscate it or
      tax it into oblivion. Buying food storage for hard times? They’ll
      confiscate that too! Got a few guns to protect yourself and your family?
      Guess who’s getting raided when shtf!

      I think it’s a combination of defeatism and mild paranoia that spawns this
      mentality, and it gives people an excuse not to prepare for anything. But
      remember: even after the official confiscation of gold in 1933, there were
      no raids or forcible confiscation, and only one person was tried for not
      turning their gold in, and they didn’t even get convicted. They relied on
      people obeying the order to turn their gold in.

    2. Yep, it’s far easier for them to steal from you by inflation instead and
      only 1 in a thousand people even know’s it’s happening to them, less even.

      Direct confiscation risks the public fighting back, and/or the police
      refusing the order and turning on the scumbags who gave the order instead.

  5. Hey Mike, I’m very pleased to see your store sell 1-3 dollar above spot
    price. The only problem is, it cost 155 USD to be shipped to Malaysia. Dont
    you have any outlet in asia? My local store sell about 4-6 dollar above
    spot …soo yeah

  6. Mike, I absolutely LOVE all of the information you provide us, thank you. I
    started to buy gold and silver in 2002. However due to divorce I lost a lot
    of it. I started back buying in 2012 and I could not be happier with my
    decision. However, unfortunately I can’t buy from goldsilver.com. Your
    delivery time compared to your competitors is really bad. I placed an order
    with you on December 1st, looks like I should receive it on the 17th. Since
    that time I placed and order with a competitor on the 8th have already
    received it. Placed another order with the same company today and I already
    have a tracking number. If you can do anything to improve your delivery
    time, I would buy from you in a heartbeat! But until that time happens, I
    simply cant…..I’m so sorry,

  7. A stronger reason is that honest money (a consistent unit of account)
    provides better information to wage earners about what they earn. Most
    people are smart enough to expect their earnings to steadily increase or at
    least recover quickly. But inflation fools average wage earners into
    accepting lower standards.

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