Will Cryptocurrencies Make Governments and Central Banks Obsolete? PressTV MiniDoc w/ Jeff Berwick

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PressTV documentary/show on Bitcoin features Jeff Berwick, Sterlin Luxhan, Roger Ver, Jeff Tucker, Jamie Dimon and many more

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40 thoughts on “Will Cryptocurrencies Make Governments and Central Banks Obsolete? PressTV MiniDoc w/ Jeff Berwick

  1. No, cryptos will not make governments and Central Banks obsolete. Instead, cryptos will give governments and banksters what they have always wanted more than anything else: *100% total, absolute, inescapable power over everything. WILL YOU PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!*

    1. Jean Dagenais — Thanks. I too am happy when I read comments from people like you. It reminds me that there are many of us aware and awake to the grim realities instead of participating in the lies and illusions.

    2. Kurt Homan, I do agree with you except for the false doctrine of the so called Mark of the Beast (MOB). *IF* the MOB is as you suspect, from Revelation 13, the last few verses, have you ever read the very next verses in chapter 14? You should suddenly become aware of the fact that the MOB is figurative and NOT literal. The true MOB is “lawlessness” and the epitome of that mark is the ROMAN Catholic Church (RCC) and its Pope. Please read 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, and think “RCC”. Hopefully that will make sense. The Lord’s church is NOT a literal structure as the RCC is literal and supposedly the Vicar of Christ on the earth. NO WHERE did Jesus give up his authority. The Lord’s church has only two sacraments, baptism and the Lord’s Supper, but the RCC added five more which is contrary to the core doctrine of Genesis through Revelation, not to add anything or leave anything out.

    1. No, Bitcoin is not meant to be sold. It is meant to be hodled and used one day. The only reason I am going to sell some of my cryptos is just for a minimal diversification. Or in Case I can not buy shares at stock market in cryptos. This could be reason to sell some of my cryptos and buy some shares. But I wait for a crash at the stock market. I’m invested 100% into cryptos. Fiat Money only to pay my bills. Rest all in.

    1. ahahhaha… it’s hilarious in fact. Even today people believes email will replace the traditional mail… or cars will be autonomous…. ahahhahah all this people are watching too much SciFi series. The man didn’t go to the moon, after all… It’s all staged and I’m writing this message to you from my typewriter!!!

  2. I agree with a lot with what Jeff says right from the banking, Fiat, and taxes scam, It’s all a big scam and it’s damn right time that people wake the Heck up and go do their own research on what is going on in this world regarding nearly everything and especially money and understand and educate yourselves now Bitcoin. Keep taking that Red pill guys and if it doesn’t work at first , don’t worry keep taking 1 red pill per day if you have to until you can slowly see layers of truth that have been veiled from us all. Bank CEO saying Bitcoin is a fraud is completely laughable you can;’t make this sh** up! However, Slowly they are the ones buying bitcoin like crazy when it fluctuates lower in price or when they create a FUD. Remember Truth is stranger than fiction. Bitcoin give back Monetary sovereignty back to ordinary people around the world! The financial Evolution has began Folks so join the caravan.

    1. Taxes maybe a scam but which taxes???…are all taxes scams…if you live in a city and you don’t have taxes no fire department and your house starts on fire who are you going to call??? Jimmy Johns and grab a bucket?

    1. Keep this mantra in your mind always:” One Satoshi, One Dollar”, and you will still buy it even if its worth a million dollar per BTC. Every Satoshi gained now is a gem in the future.

    2. Wait on it and you will when CME starts to short it; the CME will bring it down then shoot it back up..the CME needs things to go up and down to make money if it just goes up they will not make as much as it going up hard and down hard.

  3. So many segwit-1MB trolls in the comments since you said you prefered BCH… Come on guys, we want the same thing, show some respect. We will see what works better at the end, BTC or BCH. Let them compete.

    1. Lug Axker most of them are paid trolls dude. Blockstreem/core are shiting themselves that people will wake up and see how they have sabotaged BTC and move to the Bitcoin Cash.

  4. I have a strong feeling that the vast majority of people who think BCH is a good idea don’t bother to leave a comment; they’re quietly buying it up. It’s pretty sensible.

  5. I don’t get all the people screaming on here about being an idiot to be cautious of bitcoin, then quoting its ridiculous value raise as proof that bitcoin in godly.. I mean this is ((their)) oldest trick (see tulipmania)… Congratulations to those who profited already but I’m gonna wait for cryptos to slow down with the mania and if they look like a real world currency replacement to counter the Jews I’ll buy later… Dont let ((them)) intice you with greed folks, otherwise the game will always remain the same

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