A Response to “Bitcoin Won’t Work When SHTF”

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30 thoughts on “A Response to “Bitcoin Won’t Work When SHTF”

  1. Jeff don’t worry everything’s going to be alright. God Almighty Jehovah is in control so feel blessed in Him. A smart friend of mine told me to be careful with bit coin in the long term because the club knows they have to crash the markets one day..now hear this word of wisdom brother. When they crash the markets they already have to have a new means of control which may be bit coin. What better way than a digital way. Never the less I may be way off here and totally wrong. But in the Book of Revelation we are told that a day will come when no man will be able to buy nor sell without the mark of the beast. Now, consider this…what if we are unknowingly supporting something that’s already planned to screw us in the end. I like gold silver more than bit coin. For a nice comeup yeah bit coin is not bad but I’d rather stick with Real money. Thanks for everything.

  2. But when???… Tired of waiting!… They should pull the trigger already instead of leaving us guessing every sing day for crying out loud!!!… Btw, Bit coin wont help for crap when everything collapses lol

    1. you gotta study a bit more about the technical aspect of bitcoin brother, bitcoin is irrackable. how do i know that? well there a prize of about 9bilion dollars for the one that can achieve it and no one did it till now, block chain is imutable record system, what can sometimes happen is some bitcoin owners lose or let compromise the unique thing they should protect preferencially Off line compromised (their Private key) but it doesnt mean that bitcoin is unsafe, it just mean that some CEO from some exchange can get overtrust upon their own IT employers or some people can be careless with their own privakey enough to let it in digital format or on the reach of others.

    2. free tip: Bitcoin is better experienced than explained: please buy a few dollars of bitcoins and experience yourself. im not here to promote bitcoin but this technology is too exciting to ignore, i feel in the first time in human history we got a chance to give the middle finger to any sort of control the system try to impose on people and get full control of our assets and financial privacy without any one behind telling us what we can or cant do with OUR money. AHH by the way…. IT GROWS IN YOUR WALLET 😀 😀 😀 ;D

    3. Diego Gnoatto true. im still in a learning mode, however im also gaining knowledge about other cryptos. as there are somany of them now, how would any1 judge which will be the next bitcoin? also about trading spreads on bittrex

    4. nanoaquamania the collapse is never total. But even if it was, there are a lot of currencies in the world and even if they all. Collapse, you can always trade bitcoin for things because it is money itself

  3. I will only trust something that’s been around for thousands of years……. and worth something….. gold and silver…… if you don’t have it you don’t own it !!!!!!!

  4. If your living in the USA and have your cash tied up in a bank and sitting in a retirement fund your already at SHTF so open your mind and educate yourself , forgot to mention you better buy a weapon !

  5. My eye isnt on a SHTF-type scenario. My goodness, the SWIFT system is all electronic. The internet is just getting rolling – it’s an amazing interactive TV, radio, magazine marvel for fleecing the people. My concern is that DARPA owns the internet. Jeff, how can the cryptocurrencies get around that part of it?

  6. It’s sad you have to even respond to these types of comments. You would think if someone has found there way to your channel they would be a bit more enlightened then most.

  7. I guess you have to ask yourself, do you feel so confident in Bitcoin, you’d be willing to trade your physical gold or silver for it? As for me, I think I’ll pass but each to their own.

    1. Jim Mance I did 7 months ago at a 250% increase so far in bitcoin. I could buy back all my silver again and have more value in free bitcoin, take a free vacation even and keep free bitcoin and my initial silver investment back but I’m investing in alternative coins and private coins for even bigger returns.

  8. There’s no “hate”. Just logic. The reason people say “Bitcoin is screwed when TSHTF” is because people buy Bitcoin for that reason! They don’t buy baseball tickets for that reason (ridiculous analogy). But the real reason is that Bitcoin can’t even handle the transaction volume today — during the relatively calm and gentle Sunday drive through the “store-of-value” park compared to the surge in volume that would accompany the zombie-apocalpyse. The zombies would be breaking down your door for hours while you waited for your transaction to get into a block…

  9. People have different definitions for shtf. For some, katrina was a shtf which I don’t. My comment would be this. If anyone can buy bitcoin, then someone with more resources can accumulate it far better then most of us. Everything is subject to manipulation, not just precious metals.

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