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43 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE COINS

    1. No actually i agree with Jeff with BCH … Faster and Cheaper ..the way its supposed to be .. But with BTC Core you get the benefits of the forks and more of long term store of value.

    2. GOOD MAN, help spread the word…. BitcoinCash intends to implement “Graphene” a block compression system that will allow each block to be ziped to one tenth of it’s original size. This will allow for 80MB blocks and up to 40000 transactions per second ONCHAIN! Twice that of MasterCard.
      White Paper here
      And all brought to you by the person Satoshi handed the project to… Gavin Andresen et al
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    1. I found crypto nirvana a couple weeks ago. Raiblocks is what every crypto fan has been looking for: thousands of transactions per second, near instant transactions, ZERO transaction fees, no mining, no huge blockchains to download for nodes, easy to use wallet.

    1. Kevin Taylor he used to provide great content, now it’s mostly promoting “getting a subscription” but not getting anything useful anymore

    1. trew linson
      Did I mention bitconnect transactions are practically instant confirmation to. Bitconnect owns Bitcoin in every single way possible. And did I mention bitconnect X decentralized Exchange? Fiat to crypto no banking Middle Men involved

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