Be Aware Of A New Gold Standard – Mike Maloney

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More behind the scenes footage here: If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to check out the Hidden Secrets of Money website at . It’s a world-leading educational series by Mike Maloney, the bestselling author of the Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver. As Mike explains in the series and his book, we live in an economic system that is made complicated by design. Basically, it’s set up so most people don’t even try to understand it. In Mike’s videos, he breaks down these concepts using easy-to-follow analogies, real pages from history, and animations that tie it all together.
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Mike Maloney is also the founder of ( ), which was one of the first websites ever to sell bullion online. It is well known for outstanding customer service and its competitive prices. If you’re a fan of Mike’s YouTube channel and need help buying gold and silver, his team is standing by to answer all your questions and make it easy. You can find out more at .

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64 thoughts on “Be Aware Of A New Gold Standard – Mike Maloney

    1. Too TALL i agree with you. He has opened my mind. I would want Maloney
      president of USA but the reason i want him to do a video with Kiyosaki its
      because I got in financial education because of Robert and they are both
      great minds and great human beings.

    1. +Deathbydebt Nah, not at all. I’d still rather Bitcoin. The problem with
      nanograms on a blockchain is that they can be created out of thin air by a
      company, the difference between that is Bitcoin is that Bitcoin is tamper
      proof and can’t be created out of thin air. Nanograms on a blockchain is no
      better than a federal reserve gold standard with an empty vault. Bitcoin
      can never be empty, it holds value in itself because it costs enormous
      amounts of money to generate coins. Bitcoin is still a far better store of
      value. You can’t even be sure they have your gold on file, and trust me
      when I say this, they’ll run a fractional reserve just like the current
      bankers do. They WILL NOT have ALL the gold, if any of it.

    2. +Albert M Picard
      Bitcoin is just another sophisticated account ledger. I has a subjective
      value based on its software integrity and the faith/trust of it users.
      Bitcoin has no commodity backing or derived intrinsic value. Gold and other
      physical forms of wealth does.

    3. +Deathbydebt I disagree, it has a concrete and derived value based on the
      resources required to generate it. If you could not get a profit on your
      generated Bitcoin then nobody would generate it, the Bitcoin network hash
      rate would collapse and the currency would die. The equilibrium is
      maintained through a natural market dynamic of awareness of derived value.

      Intrinsic value? A small amount, since it has technical uses, but not much
      intrinsic value since these uses could theoretically be accomplished with
      only fractions of a Bitcoin since it is divisible up to 8 decimal places.
      Thankfully it’s not a requirement for Bitcoin to have high levels of
      intrinsic value to be a useful or valuable currency though. Golds main
      intrinsic value is jewellery (which is a — subjectively — weak intrinsic
      value to begin with), but it also does have other uses, they just aren’t as
      common and can usually be replaced with another metal (electronics,
      medicine, and so forth). Other physical forms of wealth (if you’re
      referring to tangible goods) have high intrinsic value, but if you’re
      referring to paper currency then it has none other than perhaps the ability
      to burn well on a cold day 🙂

      I will also add that Bitcoins biggest selling point is its inability to be
      counterfeited. Like I said, counterfeiting will be a major problem of
      “blockchain backed gold”, and the owners running a fractional reserve will
      also be a major problem. Both problems that Bitcoin does not have.

    4. I understand your point of view but i prefer my currencies rooted in the
      physical world. Also Bitcoin biggest selling point is that its a free
      market currency outside of the centralized money monopoly vampire banking
      system. That’s the main reason the powers that be hate crypto-currencies
      and PMs. Agreed They cant be legally counterfeited into extinction.

  1. & that’s just what i said: NO MORE NATIONAL DEBT, NO MORE ENRICHING PRIVATE
    DEBT. Cancel it, just cancel it. no more selling off public assets on the
    cheap to these thieves, these criminals, this GANG of CRIMINAL BANKERS &

    1. Muldeeer , it wont, if it ends it will roll over to a new system that they
      probably already have planned any how, more than likly electronic hence
      keeping this system current for long enough for every one to be converted
      to cards and chips and the frame work for it

    2. +noel bashford
      Yeah I know most people think like that. I understand, but you’re still
      wrong and time will soon verify that. It is an extraordinary time to live
      in right now! cheers

    3. The US will never go back to gold as currency, it still has the same
      problem as the fed system it will be a few that control the gold supply as
      in past any how, it needs the government to control currency what ever
      system in place as private entities are always going to perform as what is
      happening now, dont get me wrong it should be gold but do you think a
      government is going to buy enough gold to supply a nation, what about all
      the people that cant even have fiat currency enough to supply them selves a
      living, and if it does happen i bet 80-90% of people will not have gold and
      be on the streets instantly, meaning you wont want to use gold as people
      will be following you home that arvo, For every one of us that knows this
      info there is probaby a thousand or more people that dont understand this,
      And yes it is an extraordanary time we live in

  2. Bill Still agrees there should be no gold standard as it is just as easily
    manipulated as the money counterfeiting operation we have now as a monetary
    system. I like Mikes idea of gold nano-gram’s on some sort of digital card
    with the physical nano-gram’s in the card.

    1. kingneddy He did say gold in a audited and verfied non-state vault with
      crypto nanagrams on a blockchain. This would be great for transactions, but
      every one should still keep physical.

  3. so who built the ghost cities in china, where does all the money go. if
    they understand the system so well are they leaving their billions in banks
    or are they reinvesting it, or are they sleeping on pikes of money

  4. This monetary system is a giant scam and I completely agree with you Mike.
    We need to abolish these “central counterfeiters,” and go back to what has
    worked in the past. Go back to gold and silver:)

  5. The finance jobs go, there is no other work for people to do. A lot of
    government jobs are the same. They are there to keep people busy, and
    nothing more. If things were run efficiently, can you imagine the numbers
    of people not working ?
    And tech is taking more jobs every year. The whole thing is bread and
    circuses. 90% of people fighting over pennies while the rich sit in luxury
    and must create chaos to stop people from noticing, The people are being

    1. +Jon Gund​ Bitcoin is pretty easy to transfer globally and it can be easily
      protected without relying on third parties. Bitcoin has the best
      characteristics of Gold plus a lot of others pretty good advantages thanks
      to the internet infrastructure 🙂

  6. Yes, that could work, gold nanograms attached to Bitcoin’s ledger.

    The future economy will be totally digital and decentralized. Bitcoin is a
    worldwide-distributed decentralized peer-to-peer system (see Blockchain
    technology) backed by mathematics, open source code, cryptography and the
    most powerful and secure decentralized computational network on the planet,
    orders of magnitude more powerful than google and government combined.
    There is a limit of 21 million bitcoins (divisible in smaller units).
    “Backed by Government” money is not backed by anything and is infinitely
    printed at will by Central Banks. Bitcoin is limited and decentralized.

    1. Well the very very root is collectivism. The idea that society is some kind
      of organism unto itself that we aught to owe our loyalty and allegiance to.
      That it is okay to use force to protect this ideal… e.g. Karl Marx and
      the idea that property is not just property. That some property is “the
      means of production” is that is is justifiable to vandalise and steal such
      property to combat the “oppression” that results from renting it out. This
      all goes some way towards the idea that we need central government planning
      of society (like some kind of scientific ant farm experiment) with central
      banks, taxes and regulations. Can’t let any one person be too successful…
      Politicians must always hold more power that successful CEOs and
      entrepreneurs that reshape the world through voluntarily offering new and
      improved goods and services. Government force must always rule over the
      voluntary flows and natural prosperity that flow from the free market. This
      is our world. The sad thing is that there is no guaranteed point at which a
      population will certainly wake up from socialism. They may worship this
      religious belief of a legitimate centrally planning government body until
      the end and zombification of the entire western civilisation… Look at
      North Korea. They love their precious leader don’t they. Afterall, how
      could they possible make food without their amazing government providing
      them bread in the bread lines? Just like these days we can’t possibly
      imagine how people could get access to education without the government
      providing this. If the government started a 100% guarantee that we all get
      well maintained shoes to protect our feet (and because it is the “right and
      fair thing to do”, “for the greater good”, the same thing would happen to
      the shoe industry… government monopolies are tough to beat because they
      get to put a gun to your head and force you to pay for something even if
      you don’t want it. And the people who do like it, go into the voting booth
      and secretly, quiety (without shame), vote for this to happen. The trick
      for the politicians is to offer stuff that the majority will keep voting
      for… And there goes a little bit more of your freedom down the drain, bit
      by bit, every year… If the government deficits get too large and it is
      too politically unpopular for people to vote for higher taxes… simple
      just lower the interest rates on the debt or inflate away the purchasing
      power… Freedom slipping away… Gold is a threat because it does not need
      a government to function as an ideal form of money. In fact it naturally
      rejects government and would thrive in a free market with global electronic
      payment systems – direct in gold. It would thus also threaten tariffs on
      international trade. So yeah… most of the house of cards is built on
      control of the money but deeper to that is the religious belief in

    1. +ccceecc ccceecc firstly it’s not a wallet ID, it’s a Bitcoin address, and
      secondly you can mix your coins with ease and then they will be
      untraceable. Your concern is non-existent.

    2. Albert M Picard ha-ha normal people don’t want to mix their coins . It’s
      all traceable back to you if they want to spend the time. That’s not even
      counting the feds are attacking trading houses now. Bitcoins are dead, get
      out now.

    3. +ccceecc ccceecc And normal people don’t need to mix their coins… Only
      criminals do. And criminals can easily do it. And no, it’s not all
      traceable back to you, that’s the entire point you asshat. And no, the feds
      aren’t “attacking” “trading houses”, good lord you are stupid. Just stop.

  7. Most of the peopple we work on the financial system we know about the hocus
    pocus scam,

    but why it doenst collapse already?,

    what is keeping it alive?

    I just cant wait fot the system to collapse, its taking to long

    what is happening mike?, why people dont get scared already?
    why the system doenst implode already?
    things are happening very slow , WHY? WHY? WHY?

  8. And what about all non-physical transactions? If i take a $100 000 house
    loan to my bank account, and send this digital money to the seller: What
    ensures that this digital money has physical gold behind it? Also, how do
    we value gold if there is no fiat currency to value it against (serious
    question)? If physical gold is supposed to be a world currency used by
    everyone, it will have the same value all over the world. Quick Googling
    gave an estimate of 80.9 trillion dollars in the whole world and total
    amount of gold according to warren buffett is 171300 tonnes. To change our
    current fiatmoney into gold would mean you would have to pay $16 057/oz.
    which is more than 10 times the current gold valuation. What I mean by this
    is that if gold is supposed to be the world currency it is currently
    extremely undervalued. But I also think the undervaluation shows the
    unlikelyhood of such system taking place. Moving physical gold around
    between banks in the world as soon as bank transactions take place would be
    too risky and too expencive.

    1. You asked “How do we value gold [and silver] if there is no fiat currency
      to value it against?” The answer is simply that today, we actually “value”
      our currencies based upon gold and silver. Not the other way around. The
      value of gold/silver is the constant in the equation. An ounce of gold is
      worth about what a good man’s suit sells for in dollars today. It would be
      worth that same man’s suit if dollars didn’t exist! In other words, when
      someone says gold went down five-dollars (or up) they are actually saying
      the dollar went up in value (or down).

      I know there are many other variables involved but the basis for my claim
      is sound.

    2. +Gary Geiser Yes what I agree with is that we will have to value gold in
      relation to merchandise. In your case you value gold against a nice suit.
      But if gold then becomes high demand, maybe you can even get two nice suits
      for the same gold, or 5 suits. The problem will be to follow the valuation
      when the gold itself is the currency. Should we value it against something
      important for people in the form of an index? For example, todays valuation
      of 1oz. gold is 12 gal of water + 5lb of wheat? I think valuing the gold on
      an international level would prove extremely difficult at least at first,
      because everyone will have to use the same merchandise, but making fresh
      water and wheat is easier in Europe than in Africa, while in africa maybe
      it is very cheap to make a nice suit. Should we then value the water and
      wheat against the suit so that we get a valuation between the 1 oz. of gold
      and how many suits you can get for 12 gal. of fresh water and 5lb wheat?
      Basically were going back to a very unevolved form of trade, and while very
      interesting I dont think it can be very effective. Like it or not we need
      the fiat currencys, but the way we handle it must be very controlled.

    3. OK. But we’ll see what happens. All else is shear speculation. As for
      needing “fiat” currencies I disagree. We may need a currency that is true.
      But only because notes are easier to carry around than supplies of gold or
      silver. Said currencies need to be actual notes with something backing them
      instead of just faith in a government.

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