Bitcoin & All Cryptocurrencies Are Collapsing! We Are Witnessing The End of Blockchain!

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44 thoughts on “Bitcoin & All Cryptocurrencies Are Collapsing! We Are Witnessing The End of Blockchain!

    1. +Mitch King i doubt that litecoin’s price would go down even if segwit activated on Bitcoin, because then once they implement the Lightning network Litecoin and Bitcoin would be able to atomic swap

    1. Never Feed the Roaches Yeah!! you keep Vodka we keep water. You keep cash we keep gold ( India is accumulating gold and silver ). I can see the difference.

    1. Blood in the streets?… it’s nowhere near that yet, but it will be.  Intrinsic value of all cryptos (no matter what the “story” is) is ZERO.  When it gets near that, then there will be blood in the streets.

  1. True investors will take this opportunity to buy a lot of bitcoin, just saying but for those who are taking losses… YIKES, DONT SELL WAIT OUT THE STORM

    1. Traders cant find enough buyers at the moment. There are that many sellers the system is back logged by allot (coinbase being one of them) – that should give you a hint….

    2. Allen Berry Hi just as a matter of interest, i have found a way of expanding any business and earning at the same, included is a retention wallet ? Is that epic or what! Would that interest you ? Plus I have an updated version for Skilldragon mining interrested or do you have ?

    3. True investors would have sold out a month ago and then purchased once it totally tanked. BUT NO ONE GAVE THAT ADVICE, sort of sums up the experts on all this. Sad fact is many people have lost EVERYTHING

    1. You bet me to the punch! Im New to crypto but the indicators I have employed to guide my speculative investment have narrowed me down to antshares (soon to become Neo). They have a few questionable factors though these are ultimately outweighed by some very potent and promising ‘pros’. Good luck to all.

  2. Okay great commentary Jeff as usual. Now here is a topic I have not seen discussed in detail. First off I see the pump of ether out of nowhere, as an attempt to use ICO’s selling BTC and Ether for fiat, to put massive downward selling pressure on BTC in particular, and that is exactly what has happened. I don’t believe for a second that this is not by design, Ethereum is performing their role perfectly, as are the ICO’s which are constantly dumping for fiat. I believe that this is the purpose for Ethereum, and I don’t see any evidence to the contrary. If I was a central bank that wanted to defeat Bitcoin, this is probably something I would support, all the while watching the downdraft, with most none-the-wiser. If you search everyday for Bitcoin/Ethereum news headlines you’ll clearly see a pattern of deception. Jeff maybe you can do some research on this, and see just exactly who has been pumping ether forward and why, when most people who code software have already stated that Ethereum is not special as they claim. I think it’s special in the way it’s only being used to launch ICO’s, and really nothing more.

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  3. ICOs …. beginning to really hate them at this point. The overall
    crypto market values keep getting sucked out to get ETH which is
    required to buy into the ICOs. I’ve rapidly come to the conclusion that
    best thing might be a recommendation for people to boycott them until
    the bitcoin stuff is sorted out end of the month.

  4. Its easy for a guy who happened to get into bitcoin when it was $3 to joke around about a pending crash. Loads of hype brought the coin to dizzying heights and pundits kept pushing. Those new to it bought in and now are stressed and worried. If you are part of the hype train, do not downplay how those who got in at the top are feeling. Not cool.

  5. Anybody play command & conquer: Generals and play as the Chinese, They made money with hackers and this crypto-currencies will get sucked dry with the massive mining factories they got going there.

    I can’t wait – i hope a flood of cheap used graphics cards flood the market, Hope to find another gtx 1070 g1 floating around:-)


    I’m not saying to keep all your coins in the market, but the people who first bought bitcoin when it was $1 usd didn’t know what to expect, but they pull through. You got a team of developers working hard for a cause. The only thing that is killing bitcoin are the people that are abandoning it.

  7. Scaremongers have terrified people over the August 1st BTC Segwit stuff. People are dumping in fear and driving the price down. This is music to the ears of the Whales who will hoover them up at bargain basement prices and simply wait until after August when BTC is settled and running faster to make a killing. Don’t panic even if cryptos go to all time lows. This will spark a buying frenzy that will soon have all cryptos flying again. The wise money is just waiting to buy in at super low prices……………..

  8. serious question: when you already made 100.000 % and more profits, why do we need to sign up for your newsletter and pay for it? U made so much money (and maybe will make more), why would you bother for these bucks of newsletter income?

    1. Just because I bought ETH @ $1 and sold around $250 doesn’t mean that if I see a penny on a ground of a lion cage, I don’t try to reach it. 😛

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