Bitcoin and Crypto Rocket To New All-Time Highs as Peter Thiel Warns Not To Underestimate Bitcoin

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42 thoughts on “Bitcoin and Crypto Rocket To New All-Time Highs as Peter Thiel Warns Not To Underestimate Bitcoin

  1. Sorry, but there is no “store of value” in any crypto currency. Value is based upon faith alone. BitCoin is essentially “CryptoCurrency 1.0”. It will, without any doubt, be replaced. Unlike gold and silver there can be an infinite number of crypto currencies. I am waiting for governments to demand that they must have software hooks into each new crypto currency system.

    1. Truthfully, I don’t see why we CAN’T just create any currency that we want bc there’s no value in anything anyway! Including GOLD! What value does gold have? Food, food preserving technologies, water (anything to do with making clean water & properly storing it), shelter etc are the only things that are valuable.

    2. Amanda Brown Food has value, but food decays fast, so it is not useful as money. It is useful for barter, which not only do you have the problem of decay and rot but also double coincidence of wants.

  2. Why did you cut her off?…. She was essentially asking a question that has been raised by many people. In fact, she was actually throwing Peter Theil a softball question. Don’t cut interview questions/answers mid-way through. You’re essentially doing the same thing that the mainstream media does, …the same media you repeatedly attack.

  3. Hey guys can anyone tell me the best website/app where I could buy any crypto currency? Like the fastest and most convenient?? Cuz that is what basically is stopping me from investing in other coins.. I only use coinbase

    1. Jad Man
      If your in us. Try bitrex.
      Send your bitcoin from your coinbase wallet to your personal bitcoin wallet. Then. Send to bitrex. YouTube video will help a lot through the process.

    2. Jad Man
      I’m. Unsure. I just always use bitcoin to buy my alts. I wouldn’t want to link my bank account to a exchange. And people warn not to keep much on exchanges as well.

  4. Good job Jeff, you even snowed Thiel. Yes Jeff, Maria is right, it’s a CONfidence game, but the term “dollar” is a peculiar unit of monetary measurement, and it has never been “backed” by anything. So Jeff, 180.6 billion dollars of WHAT?

  5. Not sure about all of this victim business. The only people shouting at the top of their lungs about it’s virtue are the ones most heavily invested in it. It’s like a friend who buys a new toy the proceeds to convince you of how great it is.

  6. Are you going to cover the ongoing segwit2x attack or you have been paid to not do so? Please bring Trace Mayer again to explain this. The UASF video was a success, we need a new Trace Mayer interview to explain the segwit2x scam to noobs. I hope you haven’t been bribed into not covering this.

  7. I have invested in “Ripple”….the only Bankster coin! Banksters will encourage endless Bitcoin forks that will eventually debase it’s value…(same as politicians and fiat). Banksters will also see to it that Bitcoin fiat gateways are shut down..Who knows what else they have planned, but remember Jamie Dimon and his friends have unlimited resources.

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