Bitcoin and Steem Explode Higher and Why Bitcoin Is Not The Mark Of The Beast Nor A Government Psyop

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36 thoughts on “Bitcoin and Steem Explode Higher and Why Bitcoin Is Not The Mark Of The Beast Nor A Government Psyop

  1. If the elites shutdown the Internet they lose control of the nation. Egypt tried it and they couldn’t even pay their police and army, so they had to turn it back on.

    1. Vention…exactly…’they’ need the Net to keep tabs on what’s going on.
      ….why else r ‘they’ trying to ‘clean it up’ by attacking ‘Truthers’?

  2. Well done. I meant to buy bitcoin back in 2012 but I was too busy with my newly purchased, previously bank owned house. I was so busy making it livable that I never got around to buying. Then next thing I knew bitcoins were over a thousand dollars each! That was back in 2013. My face fell into my hands and I experienced an agony of regret that was so overwhelming I think it endangered my sanity. My mind couldn’t let go and kept imagining what life would have been like if i had made the correct decision. Finally I had to force myself back to reality because it was starting to take my energy and focus away from the important tasks of my life. Once back, I sighed with reget, rolled up my sleeves and began accumulating bitcoin. I worked at it all through the downtrend of 2014, through 2015 and the uptrend in 2016. Now I’m getting close to having enough wealth to retire on (in some nice low expense country like Cambodia). Maybe another year and I’ll be ready.

    1. What will you do to start cash flowing your bitcoins, I’ve heard of p2p lending services like bitbond but never used it. Also why move all the way to Cambodia when places like Mexico are still extremely cheap, that’s going to be a serious culture shock.

    2. *>Nick Rodriguez*
      *>Also why move all the way to Cambodia when places like Mexico are still extremely cheap, that’s going to be a serious culture shock*
      That’s true but the crime rate is much lower in Cambodia. For example the intentional murder rate for Mexico is 15.7 per 100k but it’s 6.5 in Cambodia. So while the language is harder to learn, the people who speak it are less likely to kill you.

  3. They will never let bitcoin take away control from central bankers. If there was any threat to their system they would use every means at their disposal to come after it. And they do not have to shutdown the internet. They can turn off the p2p network by various means, taxation, make bitcoin illegal (as in Thailand), take out bitcoin exchanges through covert or military means etc etc. Just a few dozen cruise missiles on the exchanges could do the job in a day. Every person that has been a direct threat to the system is already in a coffin. Every nation that has been a threat has been bombed back to the stone age. All the efforts of the pentagon, white house and oscar winning theatrical performances of the MSM to keep their system in power. Have you noticed how the MSM is attacking everything that is anti dollar i.e. Russia, China, Iran and gold but not bitcoin. But, fear not, bitcoin will save us all.

  4. there are so many crypto currencies now … they are poping up all over …. but there is only one Gold …. and if you sit back and notice how they rise and rise  every day while Gold silevr fall and fall everyday its clear to see they want you to ” look over here” not at gold and silver !!!

    1. True, gold relies on very little, but the bitcoin network can revive and grow again quite easily, there only needs to be one, or is it two nodes left alive, then it will re-propagate.

    2. JayD when the financial Armageddon happens it’ll probably take the internet with it . Then there’ll be just precious metals and barter. If and when they restore the system it’ll be based on precious metal convertibility. Who in their right mind would think that the likes of the Rothschilds would be willing to give up their store of value/wealth. Even if nations used block chain currencies settlements through the Rothschild Bank of International Settlements will measure those currencies against a gold standard as they do at present.

  5. If they did create it, which *I actually believe* is the case, it did not backfire cause they own 5% of all btc there will always exist. That is a major advantage.

  6. The central bankers can start their own crypto. There are over 600 crypto currencies. Too easy for the banks to enter. Fact is they are already in it.

  7. Damn shame we as so called free,sovereign people have to resort to such techniques and measures to just have a minuscule,fairly average prosperous life. The fact that we have to stoop to such measures because someone boldly decided generations ago they wanted to control,steal and regulate our money and daily lives…this is clearly the Mark and workings of the beast as far as i’m concerned!!!!

  8. If you’re an anarchist – in the sense you don’t support one particular Political ideology; you’re not a Communist or Capitalist – you’re not for Trump or Obama – then perhaps you’ll not have “The Mark of Beast.” But that does not mean you are safe from God’s mallet welding angels – who will eviscerate anyone who has the Mark of the Beast metaphorically on them – when the end comes. You’ll need to get another Mark – the Mark for survival – Ezekiel 9:4

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