Bitcoin Blasts Through $8,000… and In Zimbabwe Tops $13,500 As Mugabe Regime Crumbles Again

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45 thoughts on “Bitcoin Blasts Through $8,000… and In Zimbabwe Tops $13,500 As Mugabe Regime Crumbles Again

  1. I’m first? Wow.
    This is the reason bitcoin and altcoin will continue regardless of what developed nations try to do to prevent it.
    People in depressed areas will move to crypto. That’s about 6 billion of the world populace.
    Nice look Jeff!

    1. I’m not sure if it’s likely. Only time will tell for sure. Some crypto will rise to the top of a value holder, while others will trade as currency does.

    2. Well, you certainly don’t understand crypto. That much is certain. It’s going to stop corrupt global systems with an incorruptible currency. Still lyfao?

    3. One/Crypto/Revolutionary Lmao no it’s not. All it’s going to do is give governments an incentive to make their own crypto currencies. Which is what they already want to do.

    4. Correct. And if they do, and if they convince the sleeping masses to adapt their crypto which they can manipulate at will, we’ll never be rid of false flag wars, government corruption, and a middle class of slave wage earners. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. It is up to WE THE PEOPLE to fight for a new system that is relatively fair for all. I personally believe that the same Americans that wave the flag and tout how great the US is will be the ones that lead us into the darkest period of human history. Nevertheless, we have a chance to win this fight without bloodshed.
      Our founding fathers fought over a 2% tax. Now we all readily bend over and pay 20 to 40% and think nothing of it. And the fact that government is constantly stealing our future using the national debt and the magic money presses of the Fed, they don’t even fell it!

    1. ETH is cool for running decentralized programs. As a payment method, it’s much more complex than BTC, BCH or LTC. However, Ethereum has a lot of development and a strong community. They continue to move forward and, generally, stick pretty well to the road map.

    2. Peter
      All crypto-currencies are CIA projects?
      YOU can make your own crypto-currency…but you would magically become a CIA employee if you did, of course.

    1. It will. Bitcoin is deflationary. I am able to give some away as it continues it march forward, and still have plenty left over. Remember, a million dollars for a loaf of bread only happens with nation-state fiat. Not crypto.

    2. Inflationary issues are attached to the US dollar and other state currencies.
      Crypto is deflationary.
      Meaning, if you buy the 1000000 cheeseburgers at McD’s with dollars you are hating life.
      Buy it with crypto and it will cost you hardly anything at all.

    1. One/Crypto/Revolutionary Yes we have a shitty monetary system based off perpetual debt… wouldn’t it be better to inform people about this and abolish the central bank’s rather then wage war against them and thus our econmey?? Yes Congress will mostlikely ban bitcoin.. but as we know a goal of the establishment is to phase out paper money and move directly to a system of digital currency so as I see it bitcoin will be used as an excuse to rush in the beast system.

  2. Jeff didn’t you just explain just a week ago how Bitcoin is being suppressed by the elites?? We need focus more on Bitcoin scaling issues. The scalability and lack of decentralization (due to ASICs and elites) needs to be fixed. It’s quite obvious that somebody or something is holding Bitcoin back from it’s full potential and you know what I’m talking about.

    1. Mining is decentralized. Many run one, two, ten, forty or a hundred S9s. Yes, Bitmain needs competition – such as with the Syan Vega. As people move up in scale, they tend to move where there is lower electricity costs because they get tired of selling too much of what they’ve mined to pay the electricity.

  3. I keep hearing that these currencies are cryptic no need for banks no need for US Government everything but I found out that when I try and attempt to take my Bitcoin out I have to go through a u.s. bank I keep hearing that these current sees are cryptic no need for banks no need for US government everything but I found out that when I try and attempt to take my bitcoin out I have to go through a US bank I have a trezor hard wallet but I still don’t know how to get the cash without going to a bank what do we do?

    1. The end goal is to get to a point where everything on the planet can be purchased with Bitcoin or some other crypto and there is no need to exchange btc for fiat money

  4. There is a lot of trollers haters here about ฿. To all these people: Is watching this really increase your hating level? Perhaps I wish you can find constructive argument so you can give a fair critical argument otherwise I feel sad for you coming here and bash like that without any real argument, life has so much more to offer = ) One more thing people who has no empathy whatsoever for these people who are currently struggling and rather prefer making money while laughing at this situation has clearly lost their human side!

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