Bitcoin, China, Trump and How To Protect From Financial Collapse – Jeff Berwick on Silver Doctors

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Jeff is interviewed by Elijah Johnson for The Silver Doctors, topics include: Bitcoin in China, free trade leads to prosperity, Chinese capital controls, China trying to slow Bitcoin adoption, capital flight, the crackdown on Bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin regulations, a Bitcoin ETF could send Bitcoin's price soaring, Bitcoin usage continues to rise, Trump continuing the foreign wars, global warming, the US economy, US debt and liabilities vs welfare programs, bank bail ins and insolvency, offshoring your assets, the upcoming TDV Summit and Anarchapulco

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41 thoughts on “Bitcoin, China, Trump and How To Protect From Financial Collapse – Jeff Berwick on Silver Doctors

  1. Bitcoin holds consistently over $1000 despite the massive Chinese and Venezuelan governments crackdowns on the exchanges. Nobody can stop a decentralized system. Peer-to-peer trading is taking over the lost volume from those exchanges.

  2. Jeff is anti-establishment, you can’t ask him his opinion on Trump lol

    My only question is that if Trump collapses the dollar, silver will sky rocket in price which Mexico has a lot of making their economy enriched. I wonder if that is his theory of how the Mexicans will pay for the wall?
    Why would he reduce taxes in America to help the economy then put taxes on Mexican products to degrade the economy? Just my thoughts

    1. Wow, look how much worse bitcoin is in the US now. As so many other countries are becoming bitcoin friendly, the average US citizen has been crushed in that regard.

      Unreal. Only about 30k pages of paperwork a a few million in fees to file the paperwork for an exchange, just for them to say “Nope, sorry, refile in 60 days”.

  3. Jeff, if a ETF is created and approved by the SEC for Bitcoin, wouldn’t that be a bad thing? Isn’t that how Wall Street manipulates the price of gold and silver?

    1. Eric ah.. Penny drops.. Makes sense… Thanks… I guess another way of saying it is when a trading scheme is first set up, it needs some base units to sell shares in and over subscribe.. Hence short term price rise due to excess demand… And then the over Allocate shares and the price tumbles

    2. TRIPxCORE the same way it affects Gold and Silver. If you create an ETF it means you can sell thousands of contracts with Bitcoins that you don’t possess! So you can sell millions of bitcoins without having them, just like they do with gold and silver

    3. Eric not if Wall Street sells more contracts than there is Bitcoins. Remember, the reason why bitcoin is over 1000 dollars today, is because there are only 16 million out there! And there will be 22 million in total. So if an etf is created, that means there is no limit anymore

    4. Agreed. I never said it was a good thing. I was against the ETF passing and was happy when it got denied. Bitcoin isn’t ready for that type of mass investment by the ignorant masses.

  4. Jeff, in China now. You are right. Maybe you can do a weekly or bi-weekly show just talking about China, and educating your viewers. I know u have lived here in the south I believe, so you have insight that 99% of your viewers have no real idea about. Interesting what you said about Chinese not being afraid to take risk/gamble, i was just in Macau, lots of gamblers there and more and more buildings/casinos going up, more building cranes in Macau than the whole state of Oregon where I am from I bet! peace from Southern China.

  5. what about the shemita jeff? but that was the first and only valid argument i have heard against trump… still hard to listen to as i am still pissed about all your shemita crap.

    1. Perhaps Trump’s persistent lying and offensive nature towards women, people of color, Native Americans, poorer countries, veterans, and others might be an argument against Trump.

  6. The science is clear on global warming. Even the amount of carbon being absorbed by the ocean makes the top layer become acidic and kills off the coral reef. I do not mind hearing what you say on bitcoin however.. Would have been nice to get in early myself. Microsoft is already implementing the technology behind bitcoin for the major market however i can see bitcoin not going away as long as developers keep helping it out. . . it has a niche in the market but needs to be made available to the average consumer obviously you talk about this

  7. I always find it amusing when people refer to Bitcoin as a currency, as if the term ‘Bitcoin’ referred to a valuable item rather than to the network protocol. I do have to admit that ‘Satoshi’ was pretty clever in selling it that way, though; I imagine that ‘untraceable electronic cash that can be used anywhere in the world’ sells a lot better than ‘secure distributed accounting system’ would have, even though it is a much more accurate description (and far more important and useful than any cryptocurrency could ever be).

    Unfortunately, the really important and revolutionary aspect of it – that it is an abstract
    valuation marker the relative worth of which is negotiated with each transaction – is undermined whenever someone talks of it having an ‘exchange value’. That isn’t how it works, and it really weakens the Bitcoin protocol’s real importance. However, I can only assume that people aren’t yet ready to actually grasp the true significance of a trade system (other than direct barter) which doesn’t involve any kind of currency at all, so… *shrug*

  8. You’re spot on about most things…except about Global Warming/Climate Change…There has always been Climate Change, ever since the Earth formed an atmosphere. However, the rates in which it changes over time, has never been as fast as the last half century from the industrialisation of mankind. Yes, we breathe out CO2, so stating that it’s false because we’ve been emitting this natural gas all throughout human history, is an exaggerated oversimplification to explain that it’s not true. It’s the stored Carbon underground and in rocks, that we are drilling and releasing into the atmosphere, that’s causing the rapid change. If you open a barrel of buried nuclear waste, what will happen? The radiation will be released into the environment; that’s why they bury it deep into giant concrete pits, to prevent that from happening.
    In the end of the day, Science doesn’t care for opinions. The scientific method, is a tool to understand the world around us and is by far the BEST approach in understanding the reality we live in. Facts don’t care if you believe in them or not…You could think ‘The Theory of Gravity’ is just a gimmick, but once you jump off a building, you’ll go splat, no matter what you think. Just the same as ‘Climate Change’, which is a fact since the beginning of our atmosphere, as previously aforementioned…And the rate in which the planet is warming, is by far, the fastest it’s ever been in recorded history (excluding major events, such as Global Volcanic Eruptions or Asteroid Impacts). Not even the odd skeptic scientists are denying about the rate in which the earth is warming; those very few, (which are usually paid off by big corporations), simply state that it is not caused by humankind. Henceforth, it is not the corporate world crying ‘Global Warming’ it’s the scientific community, in which Trump is HEAVILY against. It’s the oligarchs of the world (especially big oil) that are putting out the propaganda against Climate Change, so they can keep using ‘dirty energy’ instead of clean energy for profiteering. The fact that the government adds on a tax to implement any changes to energy provision & consumption, is simply implemented so these oligarchs still don’t lose their precious money.
    Just remember that The U.S is being held together by the petrodollar; without the high demand for oil, the country collapses. Oil and it’s refining processes, plus big industries that use that refined oil as energy, emit huge amounts of greenhouse gases, such as CO2; without the demand for oil, cheap coal & gas, the billionaires running the ‘dirty energy’ empire will be finished.

    1. Only invest what you can afford to lose , everything in life has it’s risks ( think marriage ) even BITCOIN having said that since it’s inception 9 or so years ago it has only done one thing go up up and up . It started at around 30c and now is around 14.000 US , pretty good investment I would say .

  9. USA, our past government did sell us out but President Trump will NOT & he is fighting to fix America. This Canadian does not know President Trump or anything he is doing to fight for us. Trump is fighting the Deep State, Sico Pedophiles that run from the Vatican & all over the world. Stick with Trump he is a Winner. Jeff lives in MX no offense but they are 20 yrs behind America for Medical. So as attractive as he may make somethings sound, your do not have your comforts & everywhere you go smells like a cesspool.

    1. Trump doesn’t care about regular folks, he just put on a stage face, squeezed into office and since getting into office has worked hard to cut the US ruling class (top 1%) tax rates (they have swiss bank accounts anyway), dramatically increase the deficit mainly on the military, put the US at greater risk with his constant saber rattling, liquidating public resources for rich folks to buy up for next to nothing. Racists/KKK/American Nazi’s/Fascists have been coming out of the closet with pride since Trump’s racist comments. The US is more divided now resulting from this one man and the corporate media’s obsession of him–CNN and FOX are just flip sides of the same coin–never reporting the real news, always creating the illusion of Dems and Republicans being on different sides.

  10. The US aren’t slave, what the hell? Im not against Bitcoin but, stick to the subject & stop trying to $hit on the US. You may be fine living like a vagabond but, people have families & want to feel settled.

  11. Jeff — with all due respect — Trump is a total enemy of the Establishment Elites and you know it! Why would you say that Trump got the OKAY to be President when all they have been doing is directing the MSM News to destroy him any way possible! I’m sure the CFR (Counsel on Foreign Relations – Office) there in D.C. has been giving Marching orders to get Trump OUT ! TRUMP is doing anything he can to try to round up these corrupt Washington Elites but as you can see – the “majority” of The United States Corporation Executives (Executive, Legislative, & Judicial Branches) have been either bought off by the Clinton Foundation Machine – or corrupted by it. Hitlary has close ties to the Rockefeller’s & Rothschild’s and that shows you that our Voting system still has some viability to it – yet. I would be amazed “If & When” Blockchain technology EVER is put into the VOTING system since it would take all corruption OUT of it.

  12. the same way it affects Gold and Silver. If you create an ETF it means you can sell thousands of contracts with Bitcoins that you don’t possess! So you can sell millions of bitcoins without having them, just like they do with gold and silve. This is exactly how the gov is going to devalue bitcoin. Just like gold; Bitcoin is going to be price controlled by using the ETF.

  13. Jeff how can you say the USA is communist? I know its controversial and gets you views but wake up man! The corporations are running amok! This is the furthist thing from communism.

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