Bitcoin Giveaway & Live Tutorial on Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin

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Largest drawdown during 19 years back testing and 2 years live testing is 33%

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£1000 minimum deposit in your own ICMarkets broker account

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Jeff Berwick will be hosting a free livestream where he will give out bitcoin to viewers as well as going through, step-by-step on how to buy, sell, store and use bitcoin. If you don't have any bitcoin and want some and want to learn more, this is the livestream for you!

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32 thoughts on “Bitcoin Giveaway & Live Tutorial on Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin

  1. I have a question. I finally took the plunge. Well, maybe not a plunge more of a dip. lol I put $50 in but plan to put more in every payday. My question is how do I get it out?

  2. Key dates to watch! big things coming before or on these dates
    1. June 5th-7th. = on the Hebrew Calendar starting from Nov 6th 2008 (the start of the silver bull run to 50) to June 5th 2017 you get 8years 8 months and 8 days, 888=Jesus.
    June 6th will mark the 50th year anniversary of the 6th day war.
    June 7th is the anniversary of Israel recapturing Jerusalem . EXPECTING big things to happen on those dates

  3. Absolutely enthralled by the work you do, thank you. Not just for committing to this community but also for having the ability to freely speak your mind. I think that the world is changing rapidly and you have your eye on that curve. Speaking as a college graduate unable to find a decent paying job in New York, Its nice to see that if i work hard enough and invest smart maybe i can make it out of debt and have a better life. After 6 years of formal education the only thing my elders keep telling me is that i need to relocate to seek my fortune. Ironically enough the laws in NY BitLicense are making that an even more appealing option as i would love to enter the alt coin trading market.

    I am currently just saving up enough money to buy 1 full BTC. Its an attainable savings goal and i’m about 20% there – but i’m worried that this surge in price is pushing me further and further away from my mark. Should i wait? Or consistently invest weekly? If you’ve made it this far thank you again and keep inspiring the future! 🙂

  4. Now they offer bitcoins for IRA and 401K accounts. It’s IRS approved. How does it work? I forgot which bank offered bitcoins, it was a long time ago.

  5. the 2nd most popular white rapper from Canada!
    Tom Green sucked by the way.. he was known as a goofball where i was from.

    *FYI*: Jeff reminds me of my Jewish friend, who loved Asian girls, food, and people.

  6. I’m kinda curious.  We all know how the Rothschild’s / Central Banks hate Bitcoin.  Could they shut down the internet to control this?

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