Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High Above $5,000 As Lagarde Concedes Defeat and Jamie Demon Shuts Up

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33 thoughts on “Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High Above $5,000 As Lagarde Concedes Defeat and Jamie Demon Shuts Up

  1. Guys if ur looking for altcoins choose one that has a small amount of supply like BlockCAT its currently below ico price, ethereum for the masses.

  2. Can anyone explain why Bitconnect is also rising at the same % rate? I have serious doubts about that organisation and by antenna is being twigged about some price manipulation before they Cut and Run. Does anyone else see the same?

  3. i’ve been saying i need to buy bitcoin since it was around 700 euro.. now it’s almost 5000 euro and i still haven’t bought, mostly cause i don’t want to buy bitcoin with my bank account, cause my bank will tell on me.
    And there’s no ATM’s in the neighborhood to buy overpriced bitcoin.

  4. I remember hearing Cliff High in an interview (perhaps on Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog) predict around $13,500/BTC for February 2018. Trace Mayer’s prediction of $27,395 for around the same date is almost exactly DOUBLE Cliff’s prediction! I think Cliff’s prediction is more feasible.

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