Bitcoin Hits New Combined All-Time High Above $3,000 After Bitcoin Fork

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46 thoughts on “Bitcoin Hits New Combined All-Time High Above $3,000 After Bitcoin Fork

    1. Skylark9 the way to keep increasing the value of bitcoin is to keep splitting it and increasing its number just like fiat currency?? *sarcasm*

    1. Actually, fork adds functionality value, because of 8mb block size, and scalibility and shorter transaction times… 😀

      Who knew, useful innovations that provide solutions to problems in the market, added value to the innovation and early investors… *lol*

    2. atm trading of BCH is based on platforms that do not allow deposits nor withdrawals of BTH. You are reccomending bitfinex yet not menitong how they taxed ppl with btc in their wallets to a tune of around 12% not giving their users 1bch for 1btc. they will allow deposits when they sell their 12%. then fomo spreds. ppl deposit alt buy BCH and then they cry. Is it not misliding to quote on a meket cap that 98% of people cannot move ans 100% of ppl can trade on selected platforms?

    3. 8 billion got added to a market cap on some randome 3rd party website and it is preached as vers of 1and0 bible. where did this chump change come from. someone just though yeah let me get transfer 8bil into this new coin here. 8mb blocks woow. 8 is my lucky number and 8s are everywhere. why nothing was added to btc? only brokers like you Jeff will profit in the end but we all know it just most ppl are blinded by… fear

  1. First Jeff Berwick gives away his big surprise “EOS” a token that does not make any promises, should be their slogan. Now he’s a BTCH promoter all of a sudden. I think they just pay him a million and he works his magic. He has such an influence on the crypto space. He’s said before “the berwick effect,” he doesn’t know if it’s cuz he gave the recommendation that the price went up, or it would have anyway.

    1. How is Dash a scam? It has a real world utility, as it’s being actively and successfully used, and thus has value. Also, you do realize BCH is the original Bitcoin, right? If anything the ‘new’ Bitcoin (BTC + SegWit) is the scam here.

    2. Typical regurgitated talking points. Neither chain is “original bitcoin”. That’s why we have bip, to make changes. Some guys just didn’t want to play by the rules so they split rather than compromised. Promoting either as original is misguided. I would have more faith in the chain that makes the least amount of needed change though. BTH may be able to stand alongside Bitcoin but I don’t think it will go down in history as being anything but a split from the main BTC. You can see this in the way most exchanges treat it and the fact that at the moment we are in a transitional period where fiat/token exchanges are necessary to facilitate the value of a token. Neither is the original, BTC is more original than BTH.

    3. I know it is but so is a whole DIFFERENT coin. LOL. I literally said it in my comment that neither is the same. Again the slower and more consensus driven chain will probably win out as the “original”, not one that is based on the whim of people not wanting to wait for consensus. It’s a forced move either way you look at it but acting like BTH will ever be seen as the main chain by the majority of the users is short sighted at best and dishonest at worst. Happy misinforming!

  2. Thank you Dollar Vigilante for telling us previously to move our fundings to bitfenex, I got 0.16 BCH for just transfering my funds which is amazing, thank you a lot!

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