Bitcoin in Gaming – San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup (HD) (March 2017)

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Join the SF Bitcoin Meetup:

This month we will be hearing from a panel of representatives covering several major projects on "The Role and Use of Bitcoin in the Gaming Industry"!

This month’s Speakers and Panelist are…

HammerCoin / BitQuest

Cristián González is one of the creators of the new bitcoin RPG Hammercoin ( ), as well as the bitcoin minecraft mod BitQuest ( ( )). Hammercoin is an online rogue-like game denominated in Bitcoin, where players can both spend and win cryptocurrency inside the game. You can find out more at ( ) and ( )

ProtoBlock Fantasy Football

Jay Berg is the creator of Protoblock, a new kind of fantasy football game platform that uses peer-to-peer blockchain to distinguish and reward skill. You can find out more about Protoblock here ( ), and more about Jay here ( )

Spells of Genesis

A representative of EverdreamSoft, the company creating Spells of Genesis, an arcade-style mobile trading card and strategy game based on blockchain technology. SoG integrates blockchain technology concepts into the game, serving as the main source of inspiration for the storyline. You can find out more at ( )

To watch or share this month's live stream, check here: TBA, Link will be posted when the event starts!
To inquire about being a main speaker, please email our joint email address:
And finally, to give a lightning talk, just add your name to the list at the beginning of the meetup!


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