Bitcoin Is Honey Badger of Money… Don’t Care What Chinese Govt Do

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39 thoughts on “Bitcoin Is Honey Badger of Money… Don’t Care What Chinese Govt Do

  1. Amazon won’t allow Bitcoin purchases. They are developing their own Block Chain currency. What happens when Central Banks Banksters & their Corporate Cronies say no to accepting Bitcoin? What do you do with it if it can’t be exchanged for goods & services?

    1. $500,000 it’s only 24 pounds of gold so I can carry $1M+ in any airplane easy. And it can be exchange around the world. Bitcoin is smart but it’s nothing more then fancy computer block chain calculation,, you can’t touch or see it. there is allready 1000 crypto of all origine just the same. You can’t do 24lbs of gold without real men power Caterpillar machineries and REAL mining, not a computer over eating on a Nvidea video card.. YES block chain is genius and the futur, but THEY will call the shot, not us…

    2. Paul Maritz personally, I like my cats with the fur still on. Why penalize a business that has their hands tied, or simply still doesn’t understand crypto currency? I do understand that there are many that willingly resist. But I probably don’t use them to begin with. As for Amazon, I’m getting wary of their tentacle reach into everything, so rather than go to their site first and buying blindly, I’ve been comparison shopping for price. Amazon doesn’t always have the lowest prices, contrary to popular opinion.

    3. Joe Nickence It is a figure of speech, to take it literally is ridiculous. Furthermore, I will spend my Bitcoin at businesses that accept it. To try and spend it at businesses that don’t accept Bitcoin, willingly or unwillingly, is just as ridiculous as taking a figure of speech literally. Thus, a boycott will come with the territory so to speak – another figure of speech, not an invasion of any kind. Those who feel their hands are tied or simply do not understand cryptocurrency need to educate themselves and grow a pair. I am not going to shoot myself in the foot by not using Bitcoin just because they don’t get and get it.

  2. Amen brotha couldnt have said it better myself.. people talk about the “End of Times” but the worlds been way worse off than it is now.. and only the media makes it seems like its the end of the world.. Like on Anchorman 2 where they make EVERYTHING a big story because there will always be something bad happening somewhere, and the more they report on it the more people think its happening everywhere smh.

    1. Knowledge is backed by information. Information is backed by data. Data is backed by mathematics. As are cryptocurrencies. It’s strength is in mathematical formulas called blockchains. Even central banks acknowledge the value in blockchains. Fiat is just a paper representation of a digital value, not backed in blockchain accounting. Gold can be confiscated. I’ll take my chances with cryptocurrency.

  3. Robot apocalypse is nothing to be feared. When you can plug in your printer and have it talk nice to your computer every time, then I might raise an eyebrow. AI is simply making itself known. Were it not for the fear mongering, there would be nothing to worry about. Elon Musk, bless his paranoid heart, talks about fearing AI, but he continues to develop the Tesla automobile, and first stage rockets that can land back on floating barges on the ocean. Am I the only one that sees the irony in that?

  4. “…if you’ve got some green trees, ya got some good fruit, you got a cute girl, or girlfriend or wife that’s basically all you need.”

    Yup. You said it all.,

  5. even honey badger doesn’t care, it is hardly immortal
    for instance, honey badger doesn’t care when a train coming close to it while still busy eating its prey on a railway, but then it doesn’t change the fact that the badger still die horribly run over by a train,
    Bitcoin just keep running, until the banks force government to ban all internet connection related to bitcoin, bitcoin is an open source, learning bitcoin network is easy for IT expert paid by government

  6. Luke, i saw in the past u said suadi arabia was responsible for the 911 attacks. With all the info and evidence pointing to Israel i was wondering did you ever back your words up? I unsubbed the day you said that.

    1. maschinemademan Luke rudkowski is very shady.. that video with Richmond Peace makes him look like he’s a fraud.. maybe Berwick is a fraud and is working for the globalists

  7. i agree with block-chain, not so much crypto-currency. If it was redeemable for something other then fiat, then id be in. Just seems like madness. But trading in the crypto space is fun! uncontrolled! total chaos

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