Bitcoin Nearly Hits $8,000 and Cryptos Skyrocket After Segwit2X Fork Is Called Off

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33 thoughts on “Bitcoin Nearly Hits $8,000 and Cryptos Skyrocket After Segwit2X Fork Is Called Off

    1. Tracing bitcoin owners is more complicated than it seems. And there’s no way the government can seize your BTC once you have them stored on a hardware wallet like Trezor.

    2. Shadow Self isn’t a block chain a ledger? Aren’t ledgers receipts? Receipts are traceable.
      I’m cool with being proven wrong so all rebuttals are welcome

    3. Yes, the blockchain is a ledger and available to the public but there are no identities attached to the recorded transactions. Your private keys (mathematical codes) are the only connection between you and your bitcoin wallet. Your IP address remains intact and unattached to everything. If you don’t talk about it, no one knows about it. Even if they knew, they’ll never have access to it. The only way you can attract unwanted attention is carelessness on your part. You can also create printable paper wallets where you can store all your BTC and keep it locked up in a safe until you decide to spend or sell bitcoins.

  1. “not built sufficient consensus” is quite an understatement. Only whales and big bitcoin corporations wanted it, but the community saw that it was just an attempt to seize the bitcoin software creation from the core developers, and we dug our heels in. The elites can’t overpower the community. They must be taught that lesson time after time. They keep forgetting so we must continue to teach them. Off chain scaling is the way to go. The community doesn’t want a blockchain that gets too big too quickly.

    1. John Lemon its covered.US is taking gvt back from US corporation.only prob is how it turns out freedom or more subtle slavery.its to b non interuptuptive but be prepared for a mnth.satellites may go dwn to stop runs on mkts&c-attacks but shld be on within 72hrs.this is a Pentagon plan of 3decades,tho its not a military coup,that was decided against in 80s.its all done legally w most states&100 Indian nations free of US Corporation(subsidiary of Bnkof Eng,owned by R/childs of course)all i know for sure is we’re v close,cz these takedowns in politics/hollywood etc wld not have happened even 2yrs ago

  2. Jeff get your fellow Canadian Curtis Stone, urban Farmer on as he is disrupting big ag and producing great food. He sounds like a volunteerist. I think you both are great human beings and it would be a interesting video. I also love the Anarchcast channel and he would be great on that also.

  3. Hey Jeff Wheres your video on this newest ether debacle? Staying pretty silent on the fact some IT guy destroyed 300 million in cryptos eh? This is the problem with cryptos they can be gone in one fell swoop bit I doubt you’ll ever admit that huh….

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