Bitcoin News #33 – Bitcoin Crackdown, Chinese Trading Fees, The ICOs Are Coming

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Bitcoin news for the week of Jan 23rd with your hosts @theonevortex @sharkybit @ARKblockchain and special guest Joel Monégro from Union Square Ventures.

Questions for Joel:
-How did you get into bitcoin?
-What is the current atmosphere among VCs regarding bitcoin?
-How do you see VCs responding to bitcoin over the next 2 years vs the previous 2 years?

-The North American Bitcoin Conference took place for its fourth year in Miami and our very own Tone Vays was there. Can you tell us a bit about the conference? What has you excited?

-Interpol and Europol recently had a conference wherein they outlined stricter bitcoin regulation including a ban on mixers. What does this mean for bitcoin in the near and long term?

-The major Chinese exchanges finally added trading fees which resulted in a 90% drop in volume. Is this a good thing or bad thing, and have we seen the last of the fallout from the addition of trading fees?

-Co-Founder Fred Ehrsam is leaving Coinbase. Is he the first in a long line to come of people jumping ship?

-Watch Out, the ICOs are coming. What should people look out for?


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18 thoughts on “Bitcoin News #33 – Bitcoin Crackdown, Chinese Trading Fees, The ICOs Are Coming

  1. The only way they can regulate BTC to hurt BTC users is if they bring in a
    New World Order communist style government – otherwise you have the
    regulatory arbitrage situation one of the speaker talks about and that
    country will loose innovation… so since the “populist” movement / —–
    is happening at this point it seems they have no chance…

  2. Trump says he is deregulating businesses by 75% or more just 3 days ago –
    also exec order banning new regulations and pending ones from all fed

    1. Technium Unlimited well, trump didn’t say he wants to “deregulate
      businesses by 75%.” Rather, he said he’d like to see regulations decreased
      by as much as 75%. A bit of a nuanced difference, but there is a difference.

  3. Edward, at 1:00 you said you’ll get pump and dumped on by these ICOs.
    That’s a great point, unless you are Barry Silbert or other VCs. I can see
    ICOs going to accredited investors only, as it were. The launches available
    to the common person will be seen just like kickstarter, almost like a
    charity, with a 1% chance for profit. If any project is good in the year
    2019 say, will be open only to big money.

  4. Hi Vortex, re: the issue of altcoins, proof of work is *the* biggest issue.
    The difficulty of getting a secure level of proof of work for these
    altcoins affects their models to become centralized anyway, and that leads
    to tokens on a centralized blockchain, and that’s stupid. Also, tokens can
    be kept track of on a centralized database much better, but then they are
    more obviously just securities. The tokens are being used as a regulatory
    loophole that will be closed soon.

  5. Remittances won’t be done by companies. Brick and mortar/cash-bitcoin-cash
    is going to a very small in comparison to straight P2P pure bitcoin
    remittance. Cash and physical locations can be regulated and lose much of
    its efficiency.

  6. Show schedule change (day/time) = greater access to informed panellists =
    greater # of viewers = higher probability of social media sharing….on &
    on exponentially.

  7. ICOs are a ridiculous pitch. The pitch is apparently that you can sell the
    entirety of a company’s receipts at a pre-revenue valuation, and that
    somehow, the company will maintain enough cash flow thereafter to
    substantiate its business perpetually.

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