Bitcoin News #37 – Yours Network, Bitcoin Unlimited, Lightning Loves Miners

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Bitcoin news for the week of March 20th with your hosts @theonevortex @desantis @SDWouters and special guest @ryanxcharles!

-Bitcoin Unlimited
-How Lightning Increases Miner Profits



17 thoughts on “Bitcoin News #37 – Yours Network, Bitcoin Unlimited, Lightning Loves Miners

    1. On steem, you can get flagged so much that your posts aren’t seen and your payout is decreased.
      Some people had bots running around flagging everybody and it took a while to stop those.
      They kept popping up for a while.
      Not censorship, but what a headache.

  1. Chris has nailed the way forward for Bitcoin. Thanks Vortex for moderating.
    But let’s kick Visa’s butt anyway! 🙂 Someone will invent some off-chain solution attached to Bitcoin – as M1 is attached to M3.

  2. When is what the miners say about block size and other features finally going to be put in its proper place and completely ignored?!

    It’s irrelevant; it’s like saying that the guys that pick up your trash get to decide how much trash you produce and when.

    Yes, there would be a plague, etcetera if the trash didn’t get picked up anywhere. Yes, they can stop picking up your trash, or even dump a truckful of other trash on your front lawn, if you make more or less trash than they think you should.

    They couldn’t do it more than once though, before you would get another trash service, and take other action to protect yourself.

    The users and full node operators get to decide which blocks are valid for your Bitcoin, just as you decide which dumpster trucks are allowed on your property.

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