Bitcoin News #39 – Exchange banking issues, Litecoin scaling debate, Bitcoin dominance indicator

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Bitcoin news for the week of Apr 17th with @theonevortex @Truthcoin @SDWouters @sharkybit special guest @nvk!

-We're changing the format of the show to be more like max keiser so we'll have topics in the first half, and an interview with the special guest in the second half 🙂

-BU Poll – Is BitcoinUnlimited ready for production? 92% of 294 votes says no.

-Launching consulting service at

First Half Topics:
-Spreads are widening at Bitcoin exchanges amid recent banking issues affecting multiple exchanges including Bitfinex, Bitstamp and Poloniex. What's going on here and is this likely to end anytime soon?

-Litecoin recently had an 8 hour scaling debate that ended with miners & exchanges agreeing to adopt segwit. Do we think segwit will get adopted on litecoin and are these scaling agreement round tables the best way to decide the fate of a cryptocurrency?

-Whalepanda released an article entitled "The Bitcoin Dominance Indicator Fallacy" a couple days ago wherein he makes the claim that The Bitcoin Dominance Indicator is being used most often to instill fear into newcomers in order to promote alt coins or used as a sign that Bitcoin is losing it's market share. Do we agree with this and will the index ever rise again to 90+ percent?

Second Half with Special Guest:
-Can you tell us a little bit about what OpenDime is, how it got started and why you think i'ts so important?

-Will any other coins be supported?

-Questions from panelists.



29 thoughts on “Bitcoin News #39 – Exchange banking issues, Litecoin scaling debate, Bitcoin dominance indicator

  1. It is different this time, BTC dominance never went down to 60’s%. This drop was deeper and faster. There is more competition, BTC is not bouncing back. It can’t even get back to 70%. Before this latest drop, it never went below 80% for more than a few weeks, and now it is sitting under 70% for more than a month and showing no signs of going up. You can also look at the fact that the majority of transaction fees are not being generated by BTC. Something like 2/3rds of all fees are being generated by alt coins now.

    1. waiting for citation, please

      Cryptobitseeker claimed that on the source I provided, that bitcoin’s trade volume is calculated differently than how every other coin’s trade volume is calculated. That seems peculiar to me, so I was hoping he could point out the documentation that shows this…

    2. Yep, it gives the trade volume in dollar amount and in btc equivilant, and the list of exchanges. It does that for each coin, even bitcoin. Where is the part that says bitcoin trade volume is figured differently than any other coin’s volume?

      Edit: I see it also lists the other major world fiat currencies traded for each coin also, so pretty cool. Of course upon further consideration, these other fiat currencies would have to be included in any total volume…duh 🙂

  2. I’m not supporting the banks. However, Renegade Investor is completely wrong regarding the bailout. Wells Fargo had the strongest balance sheet of any bank at the time of the banking crisis. They were forced to take bailout money because the government didn’t want to scare the public by having weak banks take money so to disguise who was weak and who was strong the government made ALL major banks take bailout money.

    1. Just because they were forced to take 1 bailout from the tax payer you think they are innocent? I assure you the fraud that put them in that position will not be absolved so easily.

    1. We split the show up into 2 parts so you can just watch 1 at a time and watch the second part later. This show did go longer than expected due to blocksize conversation.

  3. Listen to Paul, he is being pragmatic on the USB device. But I think its brilliant …. hope to see them on the gift card section at the grocery store.

  4. With all due respect, there seemed to be too much verbal diarrhea, especially from Vortex and Storz.

    It was hard to follow for those of us not as swift as y’all.

    1. Hi Vortex, First of all, respect to what you guys do at the WCN, I usually like to listen to your show. But also I dont like the energy of the shows lately, especially this episode. It felt like I was watching television, like you are trying to make it entertaining or something. Maybe other people like it, for me I like just to hear guys talking about crypto, no effort needed. Good luck mate!

  5. Litecoin’s deal with miners: bigger blocks when 50% full. Can we do that deal with BTC? BTC would be immediately 50% full. Miners can use this to stall further.

  6. Vortex, PLEASE PLEASE change the format of guests interrupting/speaking over each other! I know the panel guests are passionate but trying to listen to the 2 guys ~ @1:00:00 interrupt one another constantly is like trying to watch MSM political talking heads speaking over one another (which I stopped watching yrs ago btw).

    IOW, Vortex pls jump in & moderate by explaining up front for the guests to wait 2 secs after someone speaks before jumping back in. SIMPLE!!

    1. Hah I quite enjoyed those 2 going back and fourth, clearly I tried several times to end their debate but they are passionate people 🙂

      Generally I do allow people to jump in at any moment as this can often end up creating great conversation. I do not enjoy rigid shows where a panelist is only allowed to speak when called upon, this format is much more of a fireside chat.

  7. How will bitcoin price and minning profitability be affected when BrilliantLight Power SunCell generators provide electricity at USD $0.001 per kilowatt hour?

  8. 1:15:40 Renegade – when the thrill of making more money loses it’s value and no longer excites, they move to politics and the thrill of power=Trump to me

  9. Rudolfo should shut his stupid mouth for all of five seconds and let the guy who actually knows how to think talk at least a little bit, instead of constantly interrupt with talking points, dog-whistling, and just outright shameless compulsive lies (block has hard limit of 256MB?? miners told you they don’t want segwit because of ASICboost??).

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