Bitcoin News #41 – Consensus 2017, Barry Silbert Accords, Liquid Beta

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Bitcoin news for the week of May 15th with your hosts @theonevortex, @BTCbenny, @TechBalt and special guest @SatoshiLite!

First Half Topics:
-Consensus 2017

-Barry Silbert Accords

-Blockstream launches Liquid Beta

Second Half with Special Guest:
-Litecoin recently launched a roadmap, and since there are no timelines how serious is the litecoin team about following this roadmap?

-What are you guys working on now, and when can we expect some newer features like rootstock and lightning on litecoin?



34 thoughts on “Bitcoin News #41 – Consensus 2017, Barry Silbert Accords, Liquid Beta

  1. Notice how Adam just can’t give any respect to another coin? He’s totally biased. He’s so biased that I can’t even listen to what he says anymore because I can’t trust it as credible. Nothing that biased is a good source of info. Eth and ltc are good investments. Play the game of altcoins. I made good money this year and if I listened to Adam only, then I wouldn’t have.

    1. Bro its not about respect… it’s about tech and economy. And shitcoins are shitcoins. so maybe you should just start watching SHITCOIN.COM or something else cuz your taking up youtube comments space

    2. yes that’s why he and Tone Vays are the go to guys for what’s happening with Bitcoin and you just ignore anything they say about altcoins because that’s not there thing, we got other guys for that

  2. It’s not just Bitcoin, and a bunch shitcoins. It’s a crytpo-ecosytem. Sure the whole crypto ecosystem seems a bit over-pumped at the moment but don’t not cash out unless you really want to buy something that you can only buy with fiat.
    Crypto-bubbles will come and go – what we need is off-ramps that allow us to stay in crypto yet lighten-up on any over-pumped coins. How? Pegged-cryptos. Crypto pegged to gold. Crypto pegged to silver. Crypto pegged to Swiss Francs. Crypto pegged to other commodities (ZrCoin maybe) or other currencies. Even Crypto pegged to the old $. Some of these already exist. Some need to be created and scaled now! Crypto needs to become a true ecosystem (and toxic scams will unfortunately be part of it).

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