Bitcoin News #43 – Segwit2x, ETH Flash Crash

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Bitcoin news for the week of June 19th with your hosts @theonevortex, @sharkybit, @GabrielDVine, @ARKblockchain, and special guest @CharlieShrem!

First Half Topics:
-ETH Flash Crash

Second Half with Special Guest:
-How do you feel crypto has changed since you completed serving your sentence?
-What has you most excited in the space right now and what are you working on right now?



30 thoughts on “Bitcoin News #43 – Segwit2x, ETH Flash Crash

  1. Vortex, I watch your show all the time and you are adorable. I loved your reaction when introducing Charlie. Keep up the amazing work! Love from Canada!

  2. Gabriel’s distinction between “internal and external game theory” is important. The point being that internal conflict makes you weak, teaches the external opponents stuff, and makes you vulnerable.

  3. Brilliant and articulate statement by Gabriel Vine: “Reputation in a decentralized system is not the same as reputation in politics. Reputation in politics is a Twentieth Century thing. You’ve got a whole political and industrial information complex behind you to push your message and make the sheeple forget about what they heard about you a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago. The memory of bitcoiners is like that of an elephant. Once you’ve tarnished your reputation you cannot recover that. Everyone will always doubt what you say because you’ve been involved in these schemes.” Hardly any of our politicians today are respectable. I am encouraged and inspired by the people I’ve found in the Bitcoin movement.

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