Bitcoin Powers Through To New Highs Near $6,000 While Jamie Demon Just Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut

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33 thoughts on “Bitcoin Powers Through To New Highs Near $6,000 While Jamie Demon Just Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut

    1. I didn’t go anywhere near EOS. I put it into Mona when it was 40 cents. Clearly my move was stupid because Mona dropped off the top 100 in August. Oh wait…

  1. the smart ones will start cycling into gold and silver now, play the volatility to get real assets that never disappear into cyberspace, no matter what…. LMAO,,,, yeah, if you can’t hold it you don’t own it.

    1. He’s wrong it’s not a fraud it’s just not an Investment…
      One could say it’s not a good asset, but it’s not an asset at all.
      Bitcoin is the EXACT equivalent of the Golden Calf in the Bible !!! xD

  2. Good for you guys. It’s could be good to know that it’s reported North Korea are been kick of the swif system. So North Korea turn to Bitcoin like Chinesse that explain the new high,, It’s have all the evidence that Bitcoin is save by North Korea how funny it is to think about that. We have to keep in mind that like Jim Rickard say bitcoin is use by criminal peoples and criminal states. One day there will be a crack down on crypto so be carefull. It’s surely not mom’s and pap’s investments that make Bitcoin go to $6,000.00..

  3. Yeah like people want to pay fees for every transaction and wait hours on end for it to go through and then also be tax on capital gains for Bitcoin. This snake oil is such trash

    1. nobody does care but he is head of JP morgan so we’re all just shocked that such an idiot could be running a bank. But then again, it’s not shocking at all.

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