Bitcoin Smashes Through $18k… and Now $19k As Insane Jim Cramer’s “Kibosh” Threat All Hot Air

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40 thoughts on “Bitcoin Smashes Through $18k… and Now $19k As Insane Jim Cramer’s “Kibosh” Threat All Hot Air

    1. Perhaps but what happens if people lose their jobs or default on their mortgages? might they not need to sell any asset including crypto to raise funds resulting in a massive sell off

    2. Its possible it does that even before a fiat collapse. Being conservative if it just doubles every 6 months that would be 1m by 2020. Mind you there maybe some big pullbacks well before that price

    1. Jeff is no fool but money will NEVER buy you happiness , it will however buy a lot of beer lol… and things people like , some is needed sadly but too much is a bad thing in my opinion .

    1. My parents do and they believe most things they say on there. We were watching CNN and when they said something ridiculously biased I pointed it out. They just shook their heads and said “it’s the truth.” Trust me, alot of people still think like my parents.

    2. You spoke to my soul right there. It’s such a bad feeling seeing peoples minds so helplessly enslaved. I tell them that the news is international corporate propaganda, and that 100% viewer funded news is the only thing they should trust. It really surprises some people.

  1. The Central Bank here in Australia the “ARB” is Non Australian, has no Reserve’s and is not a Bank has come out and said… Block Chain platform is a good idea to stop bank runs. What? But, one day it could be a legal coin here in Australia… The greatest “THEFT” in Aussie history took place when those pricks changed our publicly owned paper currency with the privately owned plastic crap. But most Aussies love the way the plastic currency looks but, fails to understand the theft right under there noses! The old $20 notes used to state “COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA” and it’s TERRITORIES and that this note is wholly owned and is a legal tender in the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. Then the paper $20 note stated only “AUSTRALIA” a shortened version stating it was a legal tender in the COMMONWEALTH AND ITS TERRITORIES. Now for the theft part. The new polimer notes don’t state any reference to the “COMMONWEALTH IF AUSTRALIA” just “AUSTRALIA” They simply state that these notes are only a legal tender in AUSTRALIA AND ITS TERRITORIES… SERIOUSLY WTF MATE! The elephant in the room.

    1. EOS, new crypto to be released on its main platform in June. ICO ongoing. You can buy from kraken, binance,, so on , and so on. It’s gonna blow up in 2018. Has already done a 16x from it’s lows.

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