Bitcoin Smashes Through $9,000 As All BTC Forks Now Over $11,000

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40 thoughts on “Bitcoin Smashes Through $9,000 As All BTC Forks Now Over $11,000

    1. Yeah those Bitcoin accountants are making fraudulent quarterly reports with unreal gains and it’s pumping the price, but in the end it will be a big scandal, Bitcoin will file for bankruptcy, and everyone will lose all their money!

  1. Botcoin program was wrote by Sophia the AI. No human alive is smart enough to write program. This is all part of NWO agenda. They will control you. If your not a good joow you will be cut off.

    1. some peoples mind set is just not ready for this type of technology. i understand that you guys in the us have very low educational standards. bur don’t worry blockchain is here to change thst in case you missed that too.

    2. all the miney we make should go into development and research as well as education. nit into stupid people selling out an buying lambos. in am slowly starting tonloose faith in humanity.

    1. small businesses use bitcoin cash because of speed and reliability i am telling this to people for weeks now and they always hating on me… bitoin cash needs the bitcoin brand recognition. it is only called bcash on bitfinex for some reason everywhere else bitcoin cash

  2. I am wondering, if the fee doesn’t change and continues to be at the current high, wouldn’t transferring BTC be equally bad like the bank transfer fee later in date?

    1. Jezzie ya man, thats why we use bitcoin cash, why would we use high fee slow network, or have to convert one data to another just to spend some. Bitcoin cash does it all with the same hardware that got btc here. And so long as the blocks are allowed to grow as needed the fees will only decrease over time. Only a fixed block size drives fees up.

  3. From 6 cents in 2010 to 9000 US in 2017 , that would make pretty much ANY stock
    look like junk . BITCOIN is the future no question . The biggest thing since the invention of the internet . And so I say GO BITCOIN GO ….

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