Bitcoin Surges To New All-Time High Near $8,000 As Wall Street Plunges In

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38 thoughts on “Bitcoin Surges To New All-Time High Near $8,000 As Wall Street Plunges In

    1. chrisiden if you believe that you are too stupid too own bitcoin. Sorry mate but people who thought like you do also thought the same way about the global reserve currency of the British pound. Does anyone want the pound today? NO. grow up and wake up and listen to Jeff he knows what he is talking about. Or give me your bitcoin because you are too stupid to have it and will lose it all in a few years. Ride the up stream listen to Jeff and sell when he says to.

  1. Sarcasm ==> Bit coin is a Bilderberg conspiracy within a conspiracy ? OMG you’re right, and you are the one who figured it all out.
    Now lets give Roger Ver and Jihan Wu all our money !!

    Truth ==> Just buy Litecoin and skip the drama all together.

  2. BCC chart looks like a typical unpredictable scam coin, going to 0 AGAIN. Ver should do something protecting bitcoin brand like suing Jamie Dimon instead of only diluting it and profiting

    1. why would u have to pay hundred of bucks to open a LN channel can you explain? I’m confused ..
      you are not even required to open up new channels if an already excisting channel is somehow linked across other channels, the beuty of multi sig, you have more privecy and no fees at all .. it’s ground breaking technology!

    2. oh how baaad you do know that a lot of people are actually overpaying in fees becouse their wallet is set 30x higher than actually required? also you should be aware that lot of the short term high fee days we sometimes and recently more often experience are actually coused by spam transactions that intentionally filling up the mempool so that some chunks out there can trashtalk BTC and further promote their shitcoin? you dude should do some homework lol with no spam and a little understanding you would not pay 100 bucks in fees ever .. stop spreading bullshit

    3. Zt Cedric I’ve been in Bitcoin since 2010 I have done my homework. Core and blockstream have been very open and supportive of the base layer having high fees. That is actually how blockstream will make a profit. Core supporters don’t even deny high fees in the future maybe you should do homework?

  3. Jeff, thanks for stating the obvious, Segwit belongs to wall st now, the people’s coin is BCH. I will stand with you on this and I hold both, as does satoshi. The trolls will celebrate their “victory” as wall st pumps their coin, it’s far from over. Thanks for putting the unpopular truth out there. Don’t feed the troll and shills.

  4. You will be proven wrong. Next year, the bitcoin core development road map is set to roll out some amazing tech. Schnorr signatures, MAST, and lightning network. You should bring on a guest who understands some of these technologies. Trace Mayer would be a good person to have on again.

    1. Blockstream has like 5 devs out of like 100 on the bitcoin project and people like you think Blockstream is the power behind the throne. If this new amazing tech allows bitcoin to scale to millions txns/sec without raising the block size and still have a 100% decentralized backend, wouldn’t that be the best solution? Of course it would be. And you’ll be paying like zero fees, for instantaneous trustless transactions. Onchain fees might be higher but only because by then bitcoin will be in the $millions.

    2. Even if LN doesn’t (and after reading up on it more the last couple of days I think it will), segwit also enables payment channels, atomic swaps on sidechains, and other L2 protocols that also will. Lots to look forward to. Can we expect *any* innovation from the BCH team? I think not!

  5. When will you stop shilling for the so called “anarchist” Roger Ver. Btrash is exactly the takeover attempt that you’re fudding about, Jeff. I like you and your channel and have been a subscriber for years, but you need to look into Ver, Wu, and Btrash a little closer. You’ll figure it out.

  6. BTC does have transaction speed problems, but Tenx and others will solve that by allowing you to spend via card, instantly.
    OK, so it might take all day for you to transfer your BTC to the card, but once they have the BTC, then you have instant transactions..

    1. adrian peirson excuses for core docile behavior and their incompetence. They didn’t scale bitcoin properly for two years. We should have been mainstream long time ago

  7. Guys, don’t pick sides among the different cryptos. The crypto space is a free market. Let them battle it out. The winner will emerge in the end and take all the spoils. A good investor will simply diversify so that he or she can be exposed to the entire crypto asset class. This is why it’s best to simply diversify across the top cryptos and buy and hold them. In a post-truth world, the only thing you can trust is diversification. Don’t pick one side, but buy both (or all) sides.

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