Bitcoin to Become World Reserve Currency? – Jeff Berwick on Podcast

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Jeff is interviewed by Bitcoin Brian from, topics include: the coming collapse and the Keynesian cool aid, Bitcoin to become a world reserve currency? Bitcoin at an all time high, the future of Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Cash could emerge as the real Bitcoin, issues with Segwit, the mission of Anarchapulco, life and the free market in Acapulco,The Dollar Vigilante organization and Bitcoin payments, archaic fiat monetary system, buying back into Bitcoin Cash, the EOS token, Anarchapulco 2018!

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42 thoughts on “Bitcoin to Become World Reserve Currency? – Jeff Berwick on Podcast

  1. Yes, that is inevitable. The future economy will be totally digital and decentralized. Bitcoin’s value derives from its current real uses (mainly for money transfers and remittances) its limited supply and scarcity (store of value) and its many potential uses. Also, behind the curtains there is a huge growth in the bitcoin ecosystem development that a regular folk can’t see because it’s ignored by the media.
    If you buy for day trading you may lose money, but if you hold long term, it has been proven you get nice ROI. And bitcoin has barely started, think of the Internet/email in the 90’s. A decentralized technology that has a valuable use it’s not going to disappear, even if a few tyrannical governments try to “ban” it.
    Check this great article
    “How do Bitcoins have value?”

  2. I have just started to invest my Savings into BCH! I was going to open a saving account with Lloyds Bank at 0.95% fixed. But i went into my branch last week and no one smiled at me so i though ‘fuckit’ i dont want these people to have my money! 🙂

    1. Satoshi took big blocks out of BTC.. and Ver and friends put it back in so they can exploit it as the largest miners on the planet… Do some research on why the biggest miner on the planet would want big blocks.. SMH! uneducated idiots everywhere!

  3. Ver’s bitcoin.con Propaganda Dang, i lost allot of respect for D.V. today. BCH is a hard forked altcoin.. like “Clam coin” it is not bitcoin. Satoshi put in small blocks.. BCH’s BS “satoshis plan” BS has to end… Satoshi put small blocks into BTC when he realized the security and miner fairness issues it caused…

  4. Jeff “loves” the market. Interesting phrasing. Maybe he “loves” money. I’m sure he “loves” freedom. I’m all about anarchy, but I’m increasingly wary of his motives. Most of what he says makes sense, in a conventional context, but I’m wondering why we need an international digital currency. Aren’t the size and scope of our financial transactions the real problem? Why do we need digital wealth? Can’t we just deal with each other on a local level for our basic needs, via barter and gifting and ditch the idea of money altogether? Seems like that is the real arrow in the heart of massive power structures, not just creating another monetary paradigm. Money is kinda evil, in my opinion.

    1. Resource Based Economy is something interesting to look at. Money is the root of all evil. We have technology today that can create an abundance.
      With the agrarian societies they lived off the assumption that there was inherent scarcity and not enough to go around. So they needed that medium of exchange.
      We can create globalized decentralization and use localization for nearly everything

  5. I hope for the movement of de-centralization, that Bitcoin CASH actualizes Satoshi’s vision of peer-to-peer cash.
    Simple. Bigger blocks. More segwits will continue confusion…

  6. LOL @ all of the BSCore trolls who immediately flock here to deride and down vote. They do the same things on my videos…Fortunately their small minded easily bought frustration with themselves has nothing to do with the success of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, which is both a better and more open product.

  7. hallo Jeff jou tolk over EOS token if jou lok in the white paper of EOS token in the end EOS wil not kom in de blockchain

    sorry for me Engels it is not very good

  8. lol Jeff I love your videos but it amazes me how you lie just like that. You have been ‘predicting’ an imminent dollar collapse for the past 10 years. You never said 10 years ago you thought it would happen in 2020 lol, it’s been always imminent, that’s what you guys always say, here and in any other alternative media channels. Reality is you guys have been wrong all along, but if you keep saying it for 10 more years eventually you’ll be right. Even a broken clock will get the time right once a day 😉

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