Bitcoin’s NEXT Downside Target is…

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What could be the next Bitcoin lower target if it continues to drop? Here is what the charts are telling us, on the balance of probabilties.

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76 thoughts on “Bitcoin’s NEXT Downside Target is…

    1. wave 5 will go up :-), what do you think then abouth the Elliot wave?, don’t belive everything the so called proffesionals say, iam a fan off alesio please understand me, but nobody know whats the charts going to do, its just what alesio likely think whats going to happen, that doen’t mean it will happen.

    1. daweller nar don’t remember the wallet. My mate set it up for me and showed me how to use it. I bought about 400 bitcoins and after I used most of them I had about 20 left. I remember throwing away the piece of paper with it all wrote down about a year later. Then a few years later my mate calls me asking do I still have the coins in the wallet, I told him I threw it away and he said they are up to $1000 now, very sad.

    2. +Alex 🙁 Dont feel too bad, hind sight is 20/20… I mean I remember seeing Netflix stock at $9 and thinking ‘ wow this is future of movie rentals , I should buy big ‘ …. but I never did… could have made a few million.

    1. +Mihir Kumar I think the people who are still holding, like myself, hopefully have invested money they don’t need. To me that money doesn’t exist. It’s worth the chance, buying crypto to me is like paying a bill with the idea that one-day it comes back back, plus some.

  1. You always talk about market using indicators..
    You never mention candle stick chart pattern or you never talk about price action.
    Is it because you love indicators or it is more reliable then candlesticks?

    1. Thanks Saif. I do use a few candlestick patterns yes. But I am not a huge fan of all the candle patterns. Just my thing – feel free to use what is useful for you. thanks

    1. +Alessio Rastani haha maybe you should! “The Rastanis always pay their debts… or at least do TA on the probabilities of it ever being paid!” ;D Keep up the good work Alessio.

    1. Mihir Kumar
      06/11/11 to 11/21/11: -94% High: 35$ Low: 2$
      04/10/13 to 04/12/13: -83% High: 260$ Low: 45$
      11/29/13 to 08/15/15: -87% High: 1140$ Low: 150$
      12/17/17 to ??/??/??: -82% High: 19900$ Low: 3540$

      Convince yourself, NOT me.

  2. bounce up from now for wave 4?? back down to 3k for wave 5 or perhaps its an ABC correction straight to 3k then recovering either way 3k has a strong support that could potentially be a bottom don’t you think?

    1. It is an interesting idea – thanks for your input. We shall cover this point in a later video. I think a healthy bounce from a strong support level is likely. Too early to call a bottom obviously. thanks

    2. +Alessio Rastani Thank you for taking the time to reply. We havent seen a massive weekly captiulation candle yet, a relief/ bounce up would then allow for this happen, so I agree.

  3. 06/11/11 to 11/21/11: -94% High: 35$ Low: 2$
    04/10/13 to 04/12/13: -83% High: 260$ Low: 45$
    11/29/13 to 08/15/15: -87% High: 1140$ Low: 150$
    12/17/17 to ??/??/??: -82% High: 19900$ Low: 3540$

    In my opinion you dont lose anything before you exchange to fiat.
    Don’t give up! JUST HODL!

    1. +Abner Isai Carias Mendoza on my side, I’m stepping back a little and wait to have enough data to come back in a rebuy. I’m also aware that this kind of cycle in the bitcoin can be quite fast. The best recommandation is always to meaure the risk and right now te risk/reward ratio is not worth it, meaning the risk of loss is great then the reward of gain. I will call for the end of the botton when we are back high enough that we are sure to not go deeper. Being optimiat is good but it’s not what bring gains. Don’t get gready and you wallet will be fine 😉

    2. ​+Yun Lol. Maybe that’s the case for you. Crypto will never cause me to go bankrupt, as I have more money in the bank than I have in crypto. Use ur brain and stop investing more than you can afford to lose.

  4. thanks for the information. I’m just a school boy and i’m really intrested in the stock market but i don’t now what program or site i need to use to see the value of the markets.
    I thank you for your videos so i understand the markets.

    1. Well the risk of being right now is quite good for Alessio. After such a huge move some relief may occur… Stil I don’t get it why mixing decent TA with crystal ball reading. I am pretty sure that Alessio is not trading his own money based on the 200 MA or worse Elliot Waves. So why not cut the BS and keep only proper TA?

  5. It’s funny how you can change. The masses already told you to short BTC last month and you told us don’t listen masses but be a contrarian… now today you are bearish….you are all the same…..

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