Central Banks, Governments & Keynesian Economists Are Losing Their $hit Over Bitcoin

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28 thoughts on “Central Banks, Governments & Keynesian Economists Are Losing Their $hit Over Bitcoin

  1. “Alleged Innovation”, oh my, that is too much, Blockchain Ledgers, they don’t have a clue what it actually is! LAUGHING at that, we has a global citizens will look back from the future and not understand HOW we lived without the BLOCKCHAIN for so long. Gratitude Jeff, another well played video!

    1. worldytrader NO! They have been the ENEMY of EVERY human being on the planet! THE DESERVE to be SLOWLY HUNG by their necks (over no less than a 2 week period) until they plead with us to let them die. That’s when we mercifully allow them to kill themselves.

  2. Real Free markets will steam roll the leaches… Okay, Time to build what really works people 🙂 this is going to be amazing .. fasten your seat belts …. 🙂

  3. As far as I know BTC is a good currency, buy is has not any project behind it. I mean, it’s just a currency. There many others like Ethereum that has a true project and a true use, that means that has value.

    On the other hand, I would like to talk about another good project with really value, DeepOnion. Have you heard about it? In my opinion this is one of the bests project nowadays. DeepOnion has a good dev team that is working hard and implementing new features such as DeepSend (truly anonymous transactions), DeepVault (file notary system) and in the future ‘Smart contracts’. Those all features will live in TOR network, so you ip address remains anonymous. What else do you want? In addition, at this moment the price is growing. So don’t miss this train or you will regret in the future.

    1. Bitcoin and etherium’s use cases include a capacity to store and transfer currencies but this is NOT an all-encompassing definition. They are ‘Utility Software.’

    1. The point of gold being the reference is just it’s limited quantity. This is done by Bitcoin too, without the need to store heavy bars of metal which relies on trusting someone. A mathematical limit is not corruptable, people are, when given the right persuasion.

  4. Governments want to control everything, they don’t like the idea of a decentralized currency which makes anonymous coins such as Monero and Deeponion (Tor Based) perfect for us.

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