China Cant Stop Bitcoin… And Why Gold Bugs Need To Get Woke On Cryptocurrencies

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Jeff is interviewed by Elijah Johnson for The Silver Doctors, topics include: the Chines shutdown of Bitcoin, Bitcoin is unstoppable, ICO's, price volatility, the inevitable destruction of central banks, the collapse of the US dollar, a new system that renders the old system obsolete, gold and silver still to take off, sound money.

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55 thoughts on “China Cant Stop Bitcoin… And Why Gold Bugs Need To Get Woke On Cryptocurrencies

    1. Carl Pizzo I’ll answer you with a two part question. Who is running the advertising campaign for Bitcoin? And who is benefiting by the mass use of Bitcoin? Just think about it. Globalist benefit through the central banks by using fiat currency. Also look what happened to the last president attempting currency reform. If the globalist wanted to they could shut Bitcoin down. But they allow it. And not only that they are making it so easy to access and are running a campaign to promote it.

  1. Can’t stand it when people use that term woke I noticed most of the people that use it are fake awake not awake at all. A lot of them are Obama supporters don’t even know what the Federal Reserve is.

  2. who controls law making, exchanges, ATMs, visa, banks and all Fiat? Same people can make all crypto but their own illegal due to “terrorist” threat.
    This means real crypto has to go underground. This means it wont go mainstream. This means we wont see those high prices everybody is hoping for.
    Plus now government made digital money. Killed physical cash.

    1. Hate to tell you but Gold is going down down down, The cycle for Gold is not now, until the cycle changes we can not see Gold rise. Check out Martin Armstrong on Gold, he tells the truth as he has no gain in telling lies.

    1. “I liquidated 20k in silver and bought during the dip in Bitcoin just last week! So glad I pulled the trigger!”

      OK, and please tell us where exactly you were able to just drop 20K and buy all Bitcoin at one shot? There’s not one place that I know of that would allow you to purchase 20K worth of BTC at one time! You have to jump through 30 hoops, identity checks, and they all start you out on a very small amount only. The only place that might come remotely close would be “LocalBitcoins”, but I have not found anyone selling 20K worth of Bitcoin on there, and even if they did, it wouldn’t be much of a “dip”, because they’re all making huge profits! Also, LocalBitcoins also make you go through the whole identity check thing, which takes time, and would never happen overnight.

      So I’m very interested in where you were able to do this, so I can do it too.

      I’ll be waiting for your answer, thanks.

    1. Marc Lacroix – I understand what you mean regarding the PM zealot, blind to any other possibilities. Unreasonable people exist in every domain of human interest, so I usually just take a “pass” rather than listen to their attempts at indoctrinating others.

      Also, I definitely see your point on the rate of BTC/USD. You are certainly correct about its performance since its inception. I actually didn’t take that into account on my last comment so, yeah, you hit that nail on the head.

      Unfortunately BTC was not widely known so it would have been hard for sharp people to invest without the publicity. I only invest in stuff I understand. Sadly, had a chance to get into BTC at $3 and just ignored it because I didn’t take the time to understand it.

      Now I get it though and that’s what counts, so I’ve been taking profits on stocks then buying cryptos I think have good potential. I have been buying into cryptos since November of 2016 and they have performed in staggering fashion (this might be why my bias was toward the word “recent” that I used in my last comment – it has all been recent for me – LOL).

      Regarding PMs:
      Personally I’ve been dollar cost averaging into PMs for a little over 2 decades. Been taking profits and holding all along the way. So, I’m personally very happy with my portfolio’s performance.

      I have made great profits in precious metals and continue to hold many profitable positions (that I expect will appreciate further). My bad life choices must be like sex or pizza (even when they’re “bad”, they are still “pretty good”). LOL

      I’m glad you are happy with cryptos, the more of us there are the better they will do.

    2. Lol you made my laugh. We’ll I was to a degree indoctrinated about 15 years ago -hence some irritated feelings remain. Everything was “imminent”, you had to sell everything and buy gold! I remember thinking, that the way JS described events coming whether he really believed Gold was the “savior” lol. That still doesn’t make any sense. However, I did make some money on gold but I got tired seeing so many investments perform better.

      Bitcoin is fascinating to me on so many levels. I consider it and the other cryptos, as a means to my living now and retirement egg. I’ll buy some “junk” silver for a degree of insurance but really with the possibility of world changing events, gold and silver will do nothing for us. I don’t put my faith in these things.

      Nice move on the dollar cost averaging! You did better than me what that strategy. I wish you all the best!

  3. There are some of us that would never get into Bitcoin not because it won’t make you rich but because we see it as immoral, and the next step towards the new world order. Some of us also do not participate in the stock market for the same reasons because it supports the corrupt system. Yes, you would have made lots of ´´easy money´´ doing so just like Bitcoin. A cashless society is on the way orchestrated by the evil ruling class and this is the technology that they have introduced and they will reward you for helping them make Bitcoin very popular and some people very rich, but at what cost. The super rich that rule the world have the same mindset, make easy money off the backs of others and that is exactly what Bitcoin is, a great Ponzi scheme, a Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator generates returns for older investors through revenue paid by new investors. Bitcoin may make you very rich for no work and at the cost of others but it is not the salvation that Jeff and others like him make it out to be. And it is an insult when Jeff says that others are only jelous that he is one of the early investors in this amazing ponzi scheme. The illuminati have always used scams to cheat the people out of their money rewarding the few that go along with their plan and this is their plan, to introduce this new tech in a positive way and then use it against us. A system of easy money with no real contribution to society is not the answer. But good luck to those of you who want to experience what the ruling class has enjoyed for thousands of years, easy money on the backs of others. I for one will not compromise my basic moral code. Fast talkers and good salemen will make a lot of easy money as they always have and justify it with their arrogance.

    1. You are right that we have been forced into a corrupt system that enslaves others for the benefit of the few, and you are also right that in many ways I am forced to live and participate in this horrible system, I do the best I can to stay out of it and not support it. The reason it continues is that there are not more people like me who will not participate when given a choice in the same way that there would be no wars if everyone refused to go and fight for these corrupt bastards. Go ahead and help them bring in the next step in their plan for the new world order and the great cashless society. Bitcoin may make you very rich but in the end you are helping the bad guys, if you are cool with that so be it.

    2. Of course, but not in the comment section with a few lines. I can recommend books and people on the subject of global control. I would start with Alan Watt, he is very good and has written many books on the subject, you can find him on Youtube and he has a webpage.

    3. Do you own gold ? do you own land? a car, or even a bank account? if so you are part of the problem, according to your moral standards. and you do have a choice.To call somebody immoral because they are just as trapped in the same system as you, seems a bit harsh. I do believe this it’s not going to end well for the little guys. But at this point no matter what gets invented we will have the shitty end of the stick.the banks will make their own crypto. and those in crypto now will not have helped them at all.

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