Coinbase Exceeds 2017 Revenue Goal By 66%

Earn 10-30% pm Safely Trading Forex On Autopilot

Largest drawdown during 19 years back testing and 2 years live testing is 33%

£15 monthly payment is the only up front out of pocket expense

20% of profits paid at the beginning of every month


Not tied in for any length of time

£1000 minimum deposit in your own ICMarkets broker account

Paypal account is required

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Account Doubled in 14 weeks



When Coinbase already has more members than Charles Schwab, you know crypto is the future.

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30 thoughts on “Coinbase Exceeds 2017 Revenue Goal By 66%

  1. All that money and they can’t afford proper customer service lool not even a 1800 number to call incase you have account issues coinbase is a joke especially with there measly 4 coins to choose from compared to binance which has over 70 coins

    1. Its crazy, ive been trying to change my country to US(where i am a resident) because i set up the account in a non service nation and there is literally no way to do it despite their links to the contrary.

      Not happy with them, do you recommend any other wallets besides binance?

    2. Most coins will fail, much like the dot com era when everyone jumped on the internet thinking they were going to be rich. I wouldn’t venture past the top five unless they actually did something revolutionary.

  2. Coinbase closed my account seconds before sending me an email saying my account was approved for higher trading limits. “After careful examination and consideratio…” Yeah, right. Didn’t respond to my email to question this. It’s been 20 days.

  3. It better…. coin. Base, in the UK is terrible.. they don’t even have a Gb wallet.. and the limits to purchase coins direct with a debit/credit card are super low

    1. Coinbase waited until the crash before they verified my bank in uk, despite 8 deposits took them 4 months but they kept increasing my card buys from £200 to £7500.

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