Crypto Crash or Healthy Pullback? Jeff Berwick on Rogue Money

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Jeff is interviewed by the Guerrilla Economist for Rogue Money Radio, topics include: how Jeff became an anarchist, government is the problem not the answer, Ron Paul to speak at Anarchapulco 2018!, the epic rise of crypto currencies this year, the current much needed market correction, TDV predicted this correction, Wall St involvement, the new anarcho-geek rich and their growing influence, starting a decentralized venture outside of government jurisdiction, decentralizing everything, a new system that makes the old systems obsolete, a real free market, the old system can't see whats coming, crypto has barely gotten started yet, major capital inflow still to take off, transaction fees and block sizes with Bitcoin, slow segwit implementation, the rise of communism, attempts to stop ICO's

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37 thoughts on “Crypto Crash or Healthy Pullback? Jeff Berwick on Rogue Money

    1. Gold and silver are a good buy but they won’t see their true value until the dollar crashes. I see crytocurrencies as a way to diversify. Even with the recent drop, I’m still WAAAY up on that. Right now I’m bullish on all of the above.

    1. Well bro I would say that hanging around with most christians is not too good because they all under mind control also pretty much and it has become a mindless ritual to go church never thinking the deepr meanings. Yes Jesus is real deal anarchist

  1. Yea, I try to buy a game from Steam, the game is 7. USD, and the fee was 31 USD, I pay with PayPal.
    So I am very disappointed about Bitcoin. I prefer BitcoinCash.

    1. Crypto’s are based on the Dollar, Yuan, Euro and their ‘vassal’ currencies.
      I joined because I ‘believe’ that GOVs will back them with tangible assets.
      If you can’t imagine NatGas-Dollar, Silver-Euro or Gold-Yuan, forget crypto.
      Schiff doesn’t get it, cryptos make it hard for GOVs to blame any single flag.
      Instead of forging fake financial blames, they’re forced to hold fire & TRADE.

    1. the Antichrist and his bankster friends didn’t need blockchain and crypto currency to introduce their one world digital currency. Open your eyes, the US Dollar is already digital. Blockchain is a gift from God by allowing us to reject the Mark of the Beast and still be able to buy and sell. As you say, WAKE UP!

    2. bit coin and others are a way to free your self from slave system . look at your atm and credit card you are already micro chipped by our government ! ! they wanted that chip in your arm or wrist but would have a hard time doing so so they track every one in this world by chip ,cell phones, computer,ect they know where you are 24-7 they know what you eat what you drink and what you believe ! !

  2. l believe that crypto currency is the monetary systems test balloon, to see if it flies. This will be our cashless currency system in the future. Everything is planned, this will be total control.

  3. It’s not all about storage, it’s also about downloading. Yes people have a few TB space left on their hard disk nowadays but what about internet connection speed? Good luck downloading TB’s everyday.

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