Crypto Versus Gold and Gold Stocks To Boom In Next 1-2 Years with Collin Kettell

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Jeff interviews returning guest Collin Kettell of Palisade Global. Topics include: Collin to speak at the upcoming Dollar Vigilante Internationalization and Investment Summit, the crypto vs commodity investment spaces, is gold money moving into crypto? time to move crypto profits into gold? gold stocks now undervalued, Mexican Gold Corp's big gold strike, big gains possible, the uranium sector, world's biggest producers Cameco and Kazakhstan cuts uranium production, stocks likely to rise, Palisade Radio a top source for commodity market information.

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54 thoughts on “Crypto Versus Gold and Gold Stocks To Boom In Next 1-2 Years with Collin Kettell

    1. Yep, silver for safety, then cryptos for fun and who knows, perhaps a tidy profit….like a million dollars. : )
      Did you hear the Bitcoin joke? A young boy asked his Bitcoin-investing dad for 1 Bitcoin for his birthday. Dad: What? Spend $15,554.00 on your birthday present? Hey, young man $14,353.00 Is a lot of money! What do you need $16,782 for anyway? : )
      It’s a wild ride, buckle up, then brace for impact. Bitcoin IS going to crash…….into the moon!

    2. Gold and Silver stocks they will just do private placements and kill you when they go up. Better to just buy the physical. I do agree if you want to speculate Uranium is much better.

    1. It will end when the US Dollar goes into hyperinflation which will be coming any day now. The price of gold/silver will only go so high before it goes “no offer”. At that point people will be trading their precious metals for cryptos which will be increasing in value as the Dollar declines in value. I see the possibility that silver will become more valuable than gold, and I see 1 Bitcoin being traded for 2 to 4 ounces of silver in the not too distant future.

    2. papi3d You’re right its a very slow investment and where are all the gold rallies at present.. I haven’t seen any in quite some time. The crypto rally is just starting and what can you actually buy with gold? You first need to cash in your gold which is s hell of a business and its very dangerous walking or driving around with it. Crypto is quite safe you can have it stored on a Tresor or you can even copy to CD and use it wherever and whenever you want there are plenty merchants using crypto now!

    3. Kurt Homan
      All fiat currencies have been hyper-inflating for years. Compared to the new store of value Bitcoin and other crypto’s the effects of hyper-inflation has manifest in dramatic increase in the value of cyrpto’s since the hyper-inflation of the fiat currencies started, back in the collapse of 2008. It is no coincidence that bitcoin started Oct/2008. The fact is the Federal reserve is now imploding the system by raising interest rates and reducing it’s balance sheet. What that means is deflation because their will be less of a money supply because less debt will be created causing a fall in the main institutional asset prices, stocks, bonds and real estate. This will cause a flood of money exiting those assets and into crypto currencies and will blow people’s minds. Even owning gold stocks is not going to work because all stocks will be sold and the values will collapse. Gold stocks will probably hold up better and probably go up in the next few months, as the stock market will probably take a while to really start to dump. I think any stock past march/2018 will get taken out behind the barn and shot.

  1. I can’t help but think that bitcoin investors in time are going to feel the same frustrations that PM folks have felt for years, do I sell or hang in there it is hard when you see the value go down for 2 months then it comes up for a couple of weeks it gets your hopes up only to return to the down trend again or it flat lines for months you hear from all over the place It’s going to $ 5,000 gold $600 silver or maybe it’s bitcoin going to $100,000 or a million but what if you start to see the price drop $100’s or thousands will you tell yourself it’s only temporary I bet you will it’s hard to let go when you think it’s going to get better, I’m all in on silver for $8.92 cents an ounce and I’m staying with it

    1. I wouldn’t touch BTC at all anymore, especially with the future markets. It’s becoming controlled as well like the paper pm market and it started in the pm market as such the same way, hence you don’t see the price increasing exponentially anymore. You cannot beat big money. Imagine a 300 billion short, good luck, they always win and when they do lose like in 2008, they get bailed out with YOUR money anyway. But good luck, I know most people won’t take their profits (bc of greed) and will take the pain.
      I won’t touch pm as well (maybe cheap physical junk), unless it breaks out and that will happen when wall street and the us government go down. Until that time, better to invest that money in your own business… just common sense, the 7 year cycle is ending and upon us.

    1. God also gave us math …. which is the only thing that has ever been needed to back money. Gold and silver can never assume their true value as long as the cabal controls the few exchanges that trade it. You can’t have billions of oz. of never delivered digitally traded silver and gold and expect to know what the actual value is.

    2. Jay D Right just like the internet…. Some cryptocurrency is driven by some amazing technology. Tech that will very well be used by billions. Among other things. The price of gold is determined by a few people. A vast majority of cryptocurrencies prices are determined by the people or the amount of people that hold them.

  2. about 90% of the crypto space probabaly never held 14 ozs of solid pure gold in their hand at one time … if they did they would be blown away . they would understand that that is true wealth . . I think the crypto gig will in long run backfire on the ptb … gold will stand in the end

    1. Christian Grey, I have a feeling that you’re doing it wrong, very wrong. I managed to turn $97.00 into $850.00 in 7 days over on Binance by just buying and holding altcoins. You have to do your research by watching some videos here on youtube. Checkout the youtube channel data dash and then take out sometime and watch some other videos and compare them.

      Here are some great stable coins to invest in for good profit between now and in the next 2-6 months:

      Omesego: (good profit for the next 6 – 7 months)

      Bitcoin: (hold at least $100 for the next year)

      Ripple: (Hold it should go up to $14 – 15 in February of 2018)

      EOS: (Buy at least $100 or more of this, it takes slight dips but will give you a stable percent every day.)

      IOTA: ( It’s slow but buy it and sit on it for a while, it’s cheap right now as it went down to $3.00 from $5.00. Once the tangle network is launched in the next year it will skyrocket)

      Substratum: (Be sure to buy SUB, buy as much as you can afford. This coin or utility token will go through the roof once they have fully launched their decentralized network. And it’s coming very soon.)

      Cardano: (This coin is another safe bet as it keeps making gains. It’s also very cheap right now.)

      Stellar: ( Another profitable coin, buy $1,000 worth of this coin if you can.)

      NEO: (Right now this coin is going up. It started at 30, around December 6th and now around December 16 it’s hitting $50.00. It will go higher because of its utility.)

      It you want more picks then you are welcome to message me.

  3. Looking at the charts, Gold looks like it is Bullish and the Crypto looks like it is Bearish to about 12 to 13k. I wonder could we see a correlation on Bitcoin Gold all the way to 100 k and beyond

  4. SOME FEEDBACK My entire portfolio was until recently with Goldmoney in gold and a bit of silver. Then [also with Goldmoney] I transferred all to Bitcoin [after I had a dream and saw it was only going up:) I’ve doubled my money in 3 weeks. Plus I have the option to transfer back to gold and silver with Goldmoney. All movements attract a %2.5 fee so you dont want to be transferring too often. I hope this helps someone.

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