Cryptocurrencies Break Through $500 Billion As People Make Death Pledges To Buy More

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51 thoughts on “Cryptocurrencies Break Through $500 Billion As People Make Death Pledges To Buy More

  1. You are too smart to believe what you are saying Jeff. Our overlords were behind the creation of bitcoin. And they could have crushed it like a bug if they had wanted to even if they were not. Listen to the congressional hearings that took place about cryptos in 2010 online and then tell me that they view this system as the enemy. You are right about one thing. It is pretty likely that they will use cryptos to help bring down the system. And setting up government backed (central banks) cryptos would be the perfect way to lock us all into a cashless slave grid run by AI. Who is in control of the most powerful AI? How could ordinary people even hope compete in terms of mining? If you are honest with yourself you will see that cryptocurrencies are the perfect way to enslave us. And we will be a thousand times worse off than we are with the present fraud we live under. This is the beast system.

    1. Lisa. I would tend to agree with you, except for the fact that at any time, anyone with crypto can exchange it for gold or silver in a nanoSecond. Until such activity is “legally” prevented, we are safe. Look at “investing” in crypto as no different than going into a Vegas casino. Have some fun with it. Bet with your head, not over it. As is, YOU are in control, because you can leave the casino any time you want to enjoy your winnings. But if you stay, they have to cover your bets.

    2. Well said Lisa, It’s very close to what i believe also. That’s why i always say to people, Always keep an open mind and diversify your wealth as much as you can. Cryptos, Precious metals, Property etc. The Financial Evolution is taking place right now for sure and many people are slowly waking up from their debt based slumber. People are slowly grasping what monetary sovereignty really is. Power to the People!

  2. Nothing happens without a reason in this reality, the digital currencies were the brains of the illuminati and is absolute control. Essential for them to turn the tap off at the push of a button. Can’t do this with cash

  3. At least so far, those who have tried to short, or dump BTC walk away in their undies … and BTC has a secret weapon … a built in safety value against an epic pump and dump. I heard that something like 50% of all known coins are owned by less than a thousand people as of 2013. It’s probable these people got in VERY early …. Who knows how many users have 500-1000-10,000 or more and got in when it was less than $100. My guess is that many would literally see BTC go to zero and not sell. And of course it is likely that all economic hell could be breaking out at the same time. But it is also important to remember that eventually the devalued dollar will have to deflate, as will most all other assets on the planet, cryptos too.

  4. So you made it rich, you are just as greedy as your so-called globalists. There is no difference between you and this can be understood from the comments. All the foolish fools will emerge in electronic money, and then the same system will 100% function further, it’s a sad that you can not see it now because you are blindfolded by “richness”

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