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62 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Bloodbath! Sell Everything We Were Totally Wrong!

      lol you got fooled d00d.
      Globalists pretty much run cryptocurrency, since its a purely digital form of money.
      Its good while the internet is up and youre able to access it, but what if you lose access to the internet in some way?
      Physical commodities such as gold and silver (palladium is pretty good rn, I heard) should always be priority investment in terms of money storing since you can actually have it on your person.
      The entire point of cryptocurrency is to scam awake people into investing further into the internet while they prepare to take it away from people. Digital assets will always be just that, digital.
      Its literally just the same as fiat currency, such as the USD, but more unstable and only in virtual space.
      It was a good investment to get a payout to further invest in other places, but you should never longterm invest in unpredictable stocks/commodities.

  1. Jeff, I’d like to hear your thoughts on what we can do about establishing an independent secondary internet that could be used to circumvent anything from censorship to the outlawing of cryptocurrencies.

    1. Common Sense, really? … Ask the bullies at the Bankers Collection Agency … er I meant IRS …. they can`t get into the blockchain, without user keys. They threatened Coinbase with a “John Doe” order for all user records from 2013-2015 because thats the only way they can get in. One member was in a law firm, who are fighting the release of those records.

    2. So the IRS has already tried to get a list of all American investors at Coinbase. They were refused, with US Congressmen even standing up for anonymity. They capitulated to only asking about those with over 20,000 USD transactions. Will be watching this closely.

  2. Instead of selling crypto why not try and sink it into tangible goods and services. Would using it as currency give it legitimacy? Where’s the eBay of crypto?

    1. Syscoin has had a working marketplace for ages. They are roughly a month away from a much more user—friendly version. Practically zero merchant fees so a much better alternative to ebay.

    2. Michel Frechette They Don’t UNDERSTAND How Reality Works>(Physics) and Most of The Cripto-Fanboys like 95% of them Do not know Who’s Behind This Nonsense!! maybe they Never Will.. The Human Brain is too DAMAGE!!

    3. Already done it. Bought crypto to buy items, bought them, had some left, forgot about it, when price as now, bought more stuff. Anything I do now will not actually be using any of what I laid out initially, so I can ‘play’ happily, without worry.

      So to all those who think that I’m delusional, I have the items that I wanted at the price that I wanted them (actually cheaper – I’ve bought more than I paid for) and now I have the crypto that I can still buy stuff with or invest with as I please. Who is delusional again? Please explain this to me, because I’m having a hard time understanding the basis for your advice…

    1. The Permanent Fat Loss Solution She realized her mistake now she says that there wil be no more interest increases after the next. That means that a month or two after the last increase boom it blows apart. There will be a war or some crazy hack and into the toilet with the economy

    1. Amin Zin But Bitcoin is obsolete and was never designed to be mainstream. I’d consider Litecoin or anything more advanced. Bitcoin Devs aren’t interested in making it useful for daily transactions. It costs 5 dollars to spend 5 dollars and takes hours to confirm that you actually bought their cup of coffee. There’s no reason for marketplaces or storefronts to use Bitcoin. A lot of them are switching to Litecoin for faster transactions, lower fees, and the easy conversion.

      Buying BTC and believing in it’s utility is like buying a PS2 and marketing it as “next gen gaming”.

    2. I don’t want to shop around brick & mortar stores with Bitcoin. For daily life, Debit Card rules !
      Getting rude now : merchants taking Bitcoins are already RARE. Other coins ? No comment…
      Bitcoin facing its worst technical limitations is an awesome investment opportunity by itself !!!
      People are starting to realize that they need to get a real job first, save money & only mine last.

    1. I’m not a phony and am still wrong half the time with live markets, even the greatest investors can barely manage 60% accuracy. You know nothing about investing. Like there are 1 in 4 trading fears that dominate us all or there are typically 4 stages to long market movements. That’s not even getting into technical vs fundamental, trading types, trading plans, sticking to your plan, risk exposure. And you want some guy to have all the answers and be 80-100% accurate while you sit back and do nothing? Stop whining and go learn something before you expose your money to anything.

    2. strictly speaking 3:1 odds or worse is venture capital or gambling. It is not an investment strategy. usually in investments, a person will calculate a probability distribution for each data point and then build a stochastic financial model and run that model 2000 or so times to build a cumulative probability distribution for the entire data set. The odds of winning or having a positive cash flow needs to be 80% to 90%. That is close to 2 standard deviations above the mean – or above the average (50%). So, stocks are gambling or horse racing. There is a lot of luck and some people are lucky, some people aren’t.

    3. “buy high sell low” is a workable business model. It actually builds a much stronger business model than does buy low sell high. Discount the cash flows to day 1, take the profit up front at the wholesale level and then only require the discounted cash amounts to be paid back over the life of the investment. In other words, cash out ASAP and let the investment fend for itself.

    4. life is also gambling, driving in a car, choosing a speed, passing or being passed, all a calculation we must make and deploy
      but in an investment sense gambling defined is not the same as gambling as a recreation, what I mean to say is people can risk exposure on a ‘gamble’ at 1-2% and make out well if they are above 50% winning rate, but that same person can expose 10,20,30% on the exact same ‘gamble’ and lose everything –
      hence my dislike for the word gambling applied to investing because it has a negative connotation that excuses bad investing choices by lazy investors that scapegoat the open markets for their bad decisions – if that makes sense 😀

  3. The short version of this video is, “I predicted the selloff and if you bought my newsletter you would have known but if you don’t buy my news letter you didn’t know, Na Na Na”.

    1. Kloq Wyze Agree. One must understand the power of Giant Squid economic politics. ETH is my gold and Litecoin is my silver.

      Global patent issues ahead and the PTB don’t like competition.

  4. Jeff Berwick Silver and Gold will always be money, and it will always
    stand the test if time, just like it did for thousands of years. The
    dollar was dependent on Gold when we were on the Gold standard, you must
    have forgot.

    Silver fell after QE in 2011 and it didn’t take 2 weeks to fall like
    every other cryptos does, it took months for silver to correct because
    investors thought we had a real recovery (clearly not).

    Crypto fells because so many companies are going pre ICO, and Ether and
    bitcoin holders are selling their cryptos to get on the pre ICO sale.
    Lol how is that ever sustainable. I will buy cryptos after the crash
    not because I see long term value in them, I see short term play because
    thats all they real are. I rather call it “cryptoflip” sounds more
    accurate than crypto currency.

    I only like the fact that they have a
    decentralized way of performing transactions. But No one knows how
    they will perform under deflation or inflation they are too new. Also
    cryptos don’t have intrinsic tangible value like Gold/Silver, Land, or
    museum quality art have. I see value in gold backed transaction like
    Goldmoney, but not impressed with the slow transactions of cryptos and
    their lack of tangible value.

    I understand how to hedge against inflation with precious metals, and
    will hedge against deflation with the dollar. I understand economics
    life cycle, and pay close attention to the failures of the Feds and
    price manipulation of precious metals.

    I’m happy for those who earn dollars flipping cryptos, they know how to
    play the game.

    I won’t try to put people down if they have differences on investment
    like you do Jeff, I rather help educate people on investments that
    performs best under economic life cycles (Inflation & Deflation).
    The best investment of all is receiving salvation though Jesus, and it’s
    free! BTW I am a anarchist, I follow you on YouTube, and Steem, I even
    gave you a shout out on my first post. Sad to see you snap, like
    Robert Kiyosaki did when you asked him if he’s any anarchist. SHM

    Happy Investing to all.

    1. The tribe isn’t behind crypto currencies generally. Maybe bitcoin and maybe ripple. But anyone can go make a crypto. I could go make one right now in like 5 minutes and I’m not part of the tribe.

  5. Cryptos are a hype, fake, lie, ponsi, something on somebodies computer, digital, virtual, another trick from eval selfish, solipsistic people. It sound to good to be true. My gut feeling and intuition says: stray away. Invest in people, yourself, gold, silver, fertile land. Go back and look at history. Look what stock, option, bods have done to the masses. If you red it you have been warned.

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