Debt Ceiling Shutdown: What Would Happen if the US Government Shut Down For Good?

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43 thoughts on “Debt Ceiling Shutdown: What Would Happen if the US Government Shut Down For Good?

  1. Zionist bankers were smart enough to turn the west into a pool of immigrants to get rid of nationalism and unity. They know for sure no matter how ugly things can get, people can never unite against them.

    1. Oddvar Stallemo
      It wasn’t ordered by Johnson but he definitely knew about it.
      They were going to blame it on Egypt so America could get into the war Israel was fighting.

  2. There were always wars around the world long before the US Constitution was ever written. What makes us any different now? …or do you only care about what the US does? Do you really think small community militias can fend off super advanced warfare technology from foreign nations? Even if foreign leaders are all honorable now (if we ignore North Korea), how soon before such a juicy incentive would entice the rise of new warlords? Most people are good people, but it just takes a few sociopaths/psychopaths to find support from people that want change to better themselves. I posit that leaving a power vacuum would make us deal with the devil we don’t know instead of the devil we do know. It is innate in human nature to keep seeking to better one’s situation, and some are just far more ambitious than others.

    I’m not sure if maybe I’m the naive one here, and maybe humanity really has changed for the better through culture? I suspect we have a lot to lose if things go badly, but I guess we don’t know until it happens. Sometimes trial and error is the only way to learn, and either way, history will hopefully benefit from us trying no matter whether it turned out to be a good idea or bad idea.

    I feel feel like people are often too optimistic with only see the positives and don’t properly take responsibility for the consequences and possible risks. What you are presenting is one-sided and very simple, but the real world is rarely ever that simple. I actually like the idea of anarcho-capitalism and I’d like to see it tested on the small scale before taking such a big risk with the nation with the biggest GDP in the world.

    1. if we dissolved the federal government today people could privately fund millitaries of each state atleast that’s what I would propose as an An-Cap. more then likely though the governments of each state would probably make a new tax to start their own small millitaries.

      however if we wait until the dollar collapses and everybody is poor and the economy is a bust. then we wont even have enough money for food let alone a military. so it’s best we the people remove the federal government before it’s to late.

  3. Dont get your hopes up: If I was in Russia in 1917, I would have cheered the overthrow of the Tsar. Only, after the Tsar, they got Lenin. And after Lenin, they got Stalin…

    The point is, no matter how bad the government gets, dont make the mistake of thinking it cant get any worse.

    1. Oddvar Stallemo, alot of jews are communist, ever heard of the Rothschilds funding communist movements in Russia, or how about the big fat communist himself George Sores. all jews dude

    2. The people are what make a country powerful. Our working and not the government make the country strong. They continue to knock us down and create recessions and inflate and deflate our money. Right now you get very little interest on your money and that hurts people who saved and want to live off the interest.

  4. I’m actually looking forward for the Economic collapse… It’s painful watching the debt go UP and keeping us waiting FOREVER!
    Bring in the catastrophe already. We’re tired of waiting!!!

    1. we need to keep printing the dollar, so they can keep sending us the hardware, and we will keep sending them the useless paper dollar. this is the american dream. that’s the reason why we ship our jobs to their countries. some ppl just dont get it.

  5. I would like to see secession happen, and keep happening until there are 7+ billion sovereign bodies on earth … nothing can make a person a ligitimate ruler and nothing can make a person a ligitimate slave ! #voluntaryism

    1. taxes are theft. it is not a hard argument to make because it follows from the definitions. it is good to kill bad people. that one is more interesting.

    2. imagine we are not a slave. there will be no corporations. period.
      if you think about it, corporation is like a concentration camp. we go there to work like a slave.

  6. If the govt shuts down and the EBT cards no longer work, there will be massive civil unrest and depopulation, unlike we’ve ever seen. Mad Max anyone?

  7. The Federal government will always raise the debt ceiling. Thus making our dollars worth less. If the Federal government shut down it would have to start a war to prevent a revolution.

  8. We cannot prep, they have laws against hording anything, including gold, where do you hide it! President Franklyn I believe confiscated all gold during the last big depression! 2008 set back, thousands lost their homes and retirement funds! Did the gov help them, no, they helped the banks that did it to us! We are a braindead country! They keep everything a secret from us so we must still be a threat, but everyone is too brainwashed to see it! Watch out for secrets coming to light, means we are no longer a threat. BAD NEWS! They have, our total control, all planned out……Jade Helm, Fema Fun! Was not a lie, YES, conspiracy just means hidden, too bad you thought it meant lie! TOO LATE TO WEAR A TIN-FOIL HAT, YOUR BRAIN IS FRIED FROM CHEMTRAILS. The Swamp has you drowned! Its too late…..SAD

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