Donald Trump Warns That Attacking Syria Could Start World War III

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42 thoughts on “Donald Trump Warns That Attacking Syria Could Start World War III

    1. LOL you guy sound like a bunch of whining old women . If it’s all that bad, then try to make a difference, run for office , get up , get out , and get involved .

    2. Bop I guess Juiceboxx TM underestimated your Trumpaphilia. He said you’d say Trump is playing 4D chess, and you come out and say Trump is playing chess on multidimensional layers. Wow! Frankly I think Trump is playing a highly sophisticated game of strip poker with a marked deck. Any way the game is really being played between God and the devil and the Bible says God has already won. So get on God’s side. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Then go out and tell the good news to everyone you meet.

    1. Too late. The Israeli Mossad & American zionists did the 9-11 attacks, but we attacked their enemies instead of them. Looks like we’re still not looking for proof. Americans are the dumbest, most gullible people in the world.

    1. sorry mate i think the bible is a story book used to brainwash like all other fairy tails

      The Fed and other Central banks their owners enslaved the world and rob your time and wealth use it tol control governments and media outlets to brainwash, confuse distract the masses

      know your enemy

  1. Not true about the Elders and Fox News. The Elders fought against the Old Men that sought to send us, in our youth, into the Vietnam war. Now other Old Men and Old Women are attempting to send our youth into Syria. We the people voted against wars, lies and thievery, and still, the band, the Deep State, plays on.

    1. The real caliph Baghdad They’re all in the same team, they each have a role to play. Nothing is what it seems. 90% of people don’t know. (Or blind)

    2. Donald Trump on jailing Hillary Clinton: ‘played great before the election’ but now ‘we don’t care’. He never gave two shits about his voters.

  2. This guy accused both Bush and Obama for their involvement in the Middle East and he even accused Hillary Clinton of being pure evil because she wanted to start WW3. Now look at him! If this is not a case of the #TrumpFundamentalAttributionError I don’t know what is.

  3. Time, and time again, people will never learn. Trump, republican, or Obama, democrat. Doesn’t matter, because the
    democrats, and republicans party, is simply a divide and conquer tactic. The global elite bastards control both.

  4. I’m a lone 65 yr old woman disabled living in gov housing and on $700 a month. I go without a lot of necessities cuz I never have any extra money. Bitcoin? YEAH RIGHT. I’m so sick of politics. Why aren’t we overthrowing the gov and taking control?!

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