Either Bitcoin Will Fail Because Govt Will Outlaw It OR BTC Is A Govt Invention To Enslave. Pick One

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49 thoughts on “Either Bitcoin Will Fail Because Govt Will Outlaw It OR BTC Is A Govt Invention To Enslave. Pick One


    2. DAN8800 My white women? I don’t own white women. This is a scam perpetuated to enslave men. Make white women the responsibility of white men so that more money can be harvested from men via marriage and divorce. Go #MGTOW and keep your money to yourself! Invest in bitcoin.

    3. Mari Campari No, Mari just hoard your crypto currency and even if you do marry don’t tell your husband about it. Trust me. When the divorce hits, you’ll thank me. Crypto currency that no one knows you have cannot be stolen after divorce and perhaps you can take the man’s money. Serves him right for believing in marriage. You need WGTOW.

    4. Naw, I wasn’t married yet. No “man” I meet wants to marry. Its not like I agree with the laws or want to hold a man under the law and take his money, and I plan to keep my finances under my own control. There are such things as pre-nuptial agreements that can override archaic laws. Any couple regardless of gender should always look into a legal agreement before marriage. The only reason I still had a father growing up is because of pre-nup agreements.

  1. laugh out loud man… I don’t understand it, I am pretty poor but I’ll buy anything that has a promise of crushing the apostles of Lucifer on the head. thanks for trying to help us Jeff it’s not like your making money trying to help all of us. I get it.

  2. This is like all revolutionary technological frontiers. Its a messy transition until it becomes adopted somehow by the mainstream. The status quo technologies are replaced and the relevant social structures adapt. The question for me is one of morality. The banks are immoral so they will eventually fail along with the governments they work for and a new paradigm will enter. We are in the midst of this right now. What a time to be alive. Its back to the mean (food, clothing and shelter)

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    1. i love bitcoin and other alt coins, but they will fail, due to miners greed to get as many latest and greatest asic miners, and other new alt coins will be created. what needs to be created is a coin which is only profitable to mine on cpu, where the wallet is the miner. and everyone who uses it, contributes.

  3. If you owned the worlds only money printing press, what would you not do to protect it? As interest rates move deeper into negative territory, while at the same time governments push to eliminate cash, so you can’t withdraw your money from the banks to avoid these negative rates, why will they tolerate and allow an escape hatch, that is, cryptos?

    1. Antares Scorpius Dude… Your response to my 3 word comment is so overdone. Obviously I disagree with lou, meaning cryptos are NOT out of the control of the banksters. Everything they do is calculated and they make moves at least a decade before their plans roll out. All the evidence that ties Ethereum to Bilderbergers. JP Morgan’s ties to Bitcoin. Relax I’m no troll, just think these cryptos could be a trojan horse. Don’t jump the gun next time, same team homes.

    2. +StraitClownin909 I can’t speak for or defend the myriad of shitcoins out there, ethereum included. I will, however, challenge you to back up how you think JP Morgan is “tied” to bitcoin. It is right that we should be wary of manipulation and control, however, if you truly understood bitcoin, you’d know such a claim is unfounded. I recommend you review this video and come back with your reasoning and evidence and I will gladly listen, okay?
      *Bitcoin – Debunking 9 Myths and FUD with Logic and Facts – Fighting for your freedom* watch?v=r1sUedDy2FE

    3. Its called controlled opposition. But im not sure, its not good to tell. I have gold and silver and dont hate bitcoin and are not jealous because i dont have made money on it. I dont care about the money so much actually, i just care about the truth, and a world of joy peace and ecstacy and freedom for all humans. Is bitcoin on the team of a good world? or is it for the nwo? i dont know, but at the same time i have a bad feeling on it also!

  4. The greatest trick the media has pulled on the masses is to have them believe that they have more power than they actually do. The Fed has the masses running scared. They control the media and they use it effectively but do not be fooled, they do not have as much power as they wish you to believe. It’s an illusion. Vote with your feet, cash out of FIAT.

  5. The two aren’t mutually exclusive and aren’t the only options. The government and financial elites could allow bitcoin into the system only so much to exploit it for their own personal gain. They could accept bitcoin but then create their own crypto (likely) in which they remove all the libertarian aspects and you would have literally given them total financial control over everyone in society with no privacy or freedom at all. Congratulations!

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