Everything You’ve Been Told is a Lie – Jeff Berwick on Nugget’s News

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Alex for Nugget's News, freedom and prosperity vs propaganda and war

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Topics include: war and propaganda, false flag events, everything you have been told is a lie, free markets lead to prosperity, the influence of the Freemasons, fasco-communist influence in the west, the loss of freedom, doctors and nutrition, chemical medicine, government mind control, state bankruptcy, gold in Fort Knox, money printing, central planned economy, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, bank bail-ins, self improvement and healing.

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32 thoughts on “Everything You’ve Been Told is a Lie – Jeff Berwick on Nugget’s News

    1. +Shaun Nichols Thanks for the reply! It’s kinda strange they’d shut down a flat earther but not someone talking about ss and how it’s a ponzi scheme.

    2. They like people that promote bitcoin so he is safe. Think about the problems the government is creating and all tha reactions they are getting, and as always they will have a solution. Bitcoin. If your money is only available on the web then ask yourself who controls web?

    3. +Shaun Nichols The government, eventually…. The EU is already trying to take freedom of speech away through article 11 and 13 in the EU… Kinda makes me mad that eventually the internet will be regulated… It’s supposed to be free! It should and needs to be free! Free information should stay free…

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