Fasco-Communist Globalist Criminal David Rockefeller Finally Exits The World after 101 Years

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43 thoughts on “Fasco-Communist Globalist Criminal David Rockefeller Finally Exits The World after 101 Years

    1. “This morning the energy of the world feels much better!” it does! i had a GREAT day! SO GOOD! Really. I had good fortune.

      and is it a coincidence it happens after Rockefeller is gone? It’s not like I was writhing in joy over his death all day either, I just had a great day.

    1. Knuckle_Bump His family’s agenda is tied in with a few others, for one purpose and one purpose only. Global control
      This is *far* from over. This guy is gone but the rest of his family, the Rothschilds, Soros, and the Koch Brothers are all still out there.

  1. Thank you, for the facts on these devils. Coming out of so called white man. but all these trump supporters happy about a building a wall.we wouldnt need a wall if they let us live in peace. USA HAS ALWAYS BEEN INVOLVE MEXICO BUSINESS MUNIPULATING IN policies for there own agenda. Mexico has tons of resources but the devils always have THERE nose in it becuase of the gun but that will come to end. God is setting all you crackers for big war where it will take place in the middle east all big shots will be there God is in control of everything . so called white man aka caveman God is on our side you can have your gun but we got God . FOR ESUA IS END OF THE WORLD AND JACOB IS THE BEGINNING. WE WILL RULE .

  2. LITERALLY the world is better without Rockefeller. It’s just so good, it’s not just “oh he is dead” like literally I have had good days since he passed. I’m sure there are reasons for this, his dark influence has come to an end.

    Let’s hope these other equinoxes are also true.

    1. I know. It’s pointless to celebrate the death of one very old man when the whole politico-financial system is rotten to the core… and his kins having a tight grip on that system… And the new equinox will not change anything 🙂

  3. Going to try a impartial look into some of your claims here.

    “He was a globalist who believed in a “one world.” If this is evil then both Jeff and I are evil also because I believe we both believe in “one world” of anarchists. Calling someone a “globalist” does not make them evil. What they do makes them evil.

    “His mothers father was ‘intimately’ involved in the founding of the Fed.” – We crucify the grandchildren for their grandfathers faults now? I didn’t notice this level of vitriol when ACTUAL leaders of the Fed have passed away. Why the disconnect?

    “He advanced his families interest.” – What a tyrant?

    “His lawyer helped implement anti-democracy overthrows in Latin America.” – We anarchists are pro-democracy now?

    “Guatemala President threatened to nationalize Rockefeller’s fruit company so Rockefeller ordered the CIA overthrow him.” – Even if this is true GOOD ON HIM. These communist “democratic” thugs that want to nationalize/confiscate privately owned companies “for the good of the people” OUGHT to be hung.

    “Chile’s “democratically elected’ head criminal nationalized/confiscated a mine that was ‘under the umbrella’ of a business group Rockefeller supposedly had interest. So ‘his organization’ bribed a bunch of crooked politicians to avoid it.” – Ah, once again. GOOD! If some political thug wants to steal my mine I’m going to try to defend it. And since when did TDV start using the term “democratically elected” as some badge of honor?

    The accusations go on in this way culminating with a claim that his death on the equinox has some sort of hidden significance. Jeff, please review your own video from the perspective of an anarchist. Rockefeller may have been pure evil incarnate that people claim he is but I don’t find a shred of actual evidence from this video.

  4. The US people should round up the likes of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Soros, etc and send them to the moon and there they can continue with their one world government

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