Fear Campaign Against Americans Continues With Nuclear Drills This Week in New York

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40 thoughts on “Fear Campaign Against Americans Continues With Nuclear Drills This Week in New York

    1. Now it’s hiding in closets to not be killed by some random lone gunman wanting to kill children. There is always some type of fear propaganda.

  1. And now on Wednesday they are having a *”rare, special meeting involving ALL 100 Senators”.* As if they’re getting ready to drop the hammer. We’ll see soon enough…

    1. Im not a physicist, so i have no idea how to evaluate a real nuclear bomb from a fake one. The videos are out there for everyone to see, so please post the video to a scintific forum on reddit and the educated people on there will answer you. Pretty simple. Just a question without your agenda involved and youll get an unbiased genuine answer.

    2. That’s rediculous, mathematics don’t lie. Don’t know who this random dude Miles is, and why should you trust him over millions of educated people.

    3. Of course i don’t, thats my point. Therefore theres no point in arguing with you. And the links you post dont tell me anything. But hey, since you understand everything, you can believe whatever you like. But i dont, so im going to go with my instincts and trust people.

    1. Mike LoFi
      I don’t think the phrase “common sense” applies to anything or anyone in today’s world. People’s sense is almost completely nonexistent these days, therefore common sense is extinct. lol.

  2. WWi and WWII were real! they did happen and we did go to war and millions died, if you are thinking nothing is going to happen then good for you, maybe nothing will happen, but aren’t you the one telling us to prepare and that the dollar gonna collapse and to buy gold and bitcoin? WTF?? that’s not fear? pick Jeffs fear is what you are saying, why are you in Mexico if you are not fearful of anything?

    1. Because its way freer in Mexico… and yes, dollar will collapse… might all even happen this year… I have a blockbuster video coming out on it soon. But worry? Never worry.

  3. because Israel is going to create propaganda that Iran wants to blow the world into smithereens. of course they’re going scare everybody in Jew York.

  4. Sounds like ..Major thermonuclear bullsh!t from the mainstream propaganda machine. I am mad at the psyientific community for trading in the scientific method for ‘carbon credits’ on the backs of hard working American workers/savers. It’s time…OUR TIME to be prosperous! Thumbs up if you agree!

  5. First nuke test July 16 1945
    First nuke bomb dropped on Japan, 22 days later, Aug 6, 1945
    Anyone else see a problem with the 22 days between 1st test to development and successful implementation of the bomb?

    1. This article doesn’t seem to support nor renounce the reality of nukes. I just find it ridiculous that they could successfully test their theory that they could split atoms to produce a bomb in a ground test and actually develop the Japan nuke within a couple of weeks.

    2. Personally i don’t see how it’s that strange. They were at war and under pressure, so even if all the bugs weren’t ironed out it was deemed effective enough to use.

    3. Very compelling argument. Also from what I’ve seen, sheeple is an apt description for many people who watch conspiracy theory videos. I’m sure some have done their research, but a lot seem to just accept anything that comes out of Jeffs mouth without question. Getting all information from conspiracy sites is basically the same as getting it from mainstream media. Yeah I’m deflecting, but I just thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

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