Finding Freedom and Happiness Inside The Matrix – Jeff Berwick on Crypto vs Metals

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Jeff is interviewed by Jacqueline Alvidrez for Crypto vs Metals. Topics include: we are born with a talent to help others, freedom and free markets help the most people possible, the origins of TDV and Anarchast, the meaning of the information age, decentralization, misconceptions around Bitcoin, technology and the future vs spirituality, central planning vs decentralization, building a new system that makes the old system obsolete, wealth and happiness, be the change you want to see in the world!

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31 thoughts on “Finding Freedom and Happiness Inside The Matrix – Jeff Berwick on Crypto vs Metals

    1. Nope, lighting network is going to bring transaction fees of bitcoin down to a few cents, with much faster transaction speed than bitcoin cash. Bitcoin is on every exchange, it is what all newcomers buy. BCash is a push by people with mining interests as they will not be getting anymore transaction fees from bitcoin when lightning network comes through. BCash, BGold, BDiamond etc – sell them all and get real BTC.

  1. I really like her perspective. She seems unusually wise for being so young – I’m guessing she was home-schooled. You should schedule her in as a ‘regular’ if you can. Thanks Jeff!

    1. Thank you, Charles. I’ve gone through an exponential learning curve the last three years and realized that there is always more to learn. I’m a seeker of truth, knowledge, and experience.

  2. Jeff,,, it easy to talk about money , that probably you have enough to live , so don’t talk that easy about greed, I my be greedy just to make enough to buy the food, I can talk also very easy about money if I lived in Mexico in the nice house with nice views

  3. There is a other serious problem I want to address here. Its hybrid seeds. That means the gangsters from industry backed by goverments create plants that give fruits only one time. The next generation allthough grows, doesn’t give fruits anymore. What a incredible crime to behave like plants belong to someone. We strugle allredy that we plant things on our farm, that don’t give fruits anymore.

    1. Atalantia Drago yes you are 100% correct Monsanto the (Frankenstein) seeds but you can and must by proper heirloom seeds has invested In a heirloom seed library of sorts. Contact them if you need am organic supplier of proper heirloom seeds and if you have a story to share with them. Monsanto is also responsible for selling and spraying these terrible glyco phosphate cancer causing insecticides poisons where in fact one can use completely organic methods without destroying anything good like special microbes in the soil, earthworms etc. They are also part of the chemtrailing of heavy metals by the US military Industrial.complex,, US airforce and commercial airliners are now being paid to spray these toxic heavy metals. a video called frankenskies its shocking what these evil scumbags are trying to do to control us!!! I’m glad you know the truth but most people are sleeping they Dont know they want to destroy humanity!!

    2. Totally Agree. People should have their own stash of Heirloom seeds. One of the best things you can do to protect yourself. Have you looked into ? I think this will make home farming much more simple.

  4. Many times through my life people have told me ‘Life isn’t fair, get used to it’. That got me to thinking, why isn’t life fair? I’ve come to the conclusion that life isn’t fair, because there are people in this world that work hard to make sure that life isn’t fair for the rest of us. I love to work hard, I love to help others, yet always felt there was a thumb on my back pushing me down. Over the last decade, I’ve woken up, and learned more then I ever would have wanted to know. Sadly, once your awake, you can’t untake that red pill. It seems to me those making life unfair for all of us are governments, and the wealthiest 1% of the 1%. If we remove them, life will be fair for the first time in all our lives. We’ve never known a truly free and open marketplace in our lives. I can’t wait to grab a shovel and do my part to make a world we all want to live on. Excellent interview, thank you for sharing Jacqueline and Jeff.

  5. Capitalism doesn’t mean free markets. Free markets do no depend on economic system but political one as Government, the State is what regulates markets, not the economic system.. and Capitalism is an economic system, which is actually defining how means of production is setup. So sad to see so many so called experts in economics not knowing this, but I know why, its because the people that control the monetary and economic system, the people that created them both, also control the narrative in all forms of media, which is what they want you to think… things like… how Capitalism means free markets… well it doesn’t.

    Markets is interaction between people and businesses in TRADE of goods and services, which is not the same thing as means of production.

  6. Jeff, I listen to your rants very often because you keep it real and I appreciate that. The greatest thing I have heard you say so far,”you cannot change the world,you must change yourself and surprisingly,eveything around you starts changing in a positive direction”. Keep evolving my Brother.

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